Battle Ring (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

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Left: The Battle Ring menu Right: The Papercraft Battle Ring menu
Left: The Battle Ring menu Right: The Papercraft Battle Ring menu
Left: The Battle Ring menu
Right: The Papercraft Battle Ring menu

The Battle Ring is a game found in the Arcade in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Much like The Gauntlet from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the Battle Ring from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, this area allows bosses previously found in the game to be fought again. Like in Dream Team, bosses are split into two categories: normal and papercraft.

When battling a boss in the Battle Ring, the player is given a limited amount of items, which lowers their final score if used. They can choose their Battle Card deck like normal, but they only start with 10 Star Points. Finally, both Assist Mode and Easy Mode are not usable in the Battle Ring, and are automatically disabled when a battle starts.

List of bosses[edit]


Image Boss Name Recommended Level Boss Beaten Points S-Rank Points
MLPJPeteyPiranha.png Petey Piranha 17 15 60
MLPJBigPokeyHead.png MLPJPaperTowerPowerPokeyHead.png Big Pokey Duo 20 15 60
MLPJPaperPeteyPiranha.png Paper Petey Piranha 25 45 180
Rampaging Wiggler 28 45 180
MLPJCharginChuck.png MLPJCharginChuck.png MLPJCharginChuck.png Chargin' Chuck Corps 32 90 360
MLPJBowserJr.png MLPJPaperBowserJr.png Bowser Jr. Duo 39 90 360
MLPJKingBoo.png King Boo 41 90 360
MLPJKingBobomb.png King Bob-omb 44 90 360
MLPJKamek.png MLPJPaperKamek.png Kamek Duo 48 90 360
DryBowserPaperJam.png Boss Medley (all previous bosses + Dry Bowser) 50 100 400


Boss Name Boss Beaten Points S-Rank Points
Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba 15 60
Papercraft Kamek 15 60
Papercraft Bowser Jr. 40 170
Papercraft King Boo 45 180
Papercraft Bowser 100 400


  • Instruction manual description: "Face off against bosses you've beaten in the past."


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