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Sprite of a Small Fry Guy from Super Mario Bros. 2

Small Fry Guys[1], also called mini-FryGuys[2], are the remains of Fryguy after he is destroyed in World 4-3 of Super Mario Bros. 2. To attack, a Small Fry Guy hops towards Mario and his friends, attempting to burn them with its harmful flames. Like Fryguy, Small Fry Guys can be destroyed with Mushroom Blocks. After a Small Fry Guy is destroyed, the remaining Small Fry Guys get progressively faster. In the original version, they only look like small variants of Fryguy, while in the remake, they have been slightly redesigned.

In the original "PRG0" release of Super Mario Bros. 2, a glitch exists where if any Small Fry Guys are hit with a Mushroom Block while the player is shrinking from being reduced to 1 HP, they will fall offscreen instead of disappearing in a puff of smoke. The glitch is that they must disappear in a puff of smoke in order for the game to count them as defeated, so the player ultimately gets softlocked due to the game still thinking there are Small Fry Guys left. A later revision of the game fixed this by setting the Small Fry Guys to always disappear in a puff of smoke.[3]



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