World 7-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)

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World 7-1
World World 7
Game Super Mario Bros. 2
Boss Green Birdo
Notes The first level of World 7.
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World 7-1 is the first level of World 7 in Super Mario Bros. 2.



The level begins with the player having to climb a ladder. They then must ride on the back of a docile Albatoss heading left. After jumping over multiple columns, the player will reach a plant, which, if plucked, will spawn a rocket which will take the player to the next area in the level. From here, the player will have to dodge Snifits, Shy Guys, Tweeters, and one Ninji to advance to the next area. This area involves climbing multiple ladders, dodging multiple Sparks, some Hoopsters, and another Snifit until reaching a door, which leads to the end of the level. Here the player fights a green Birdo.

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