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Starting Planet?[edit]

This galaxy has no set starting planet. All the main missions start on a different planet. This is the only galaxy where every normal mission starts in a different place - Space Junk has one mission different, and two the same. What should we do about this galaxy? Avengah 03:53, 27 June 2011 (EDT)

relation to the comet observatory[edit]

Some elements from the dreadnought look similar to the observatory such as the yellow spires should this be mentioned in the trivia section?
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I think that might be interesting, and fit well with the other trivia. Lava Spire Daredevil Run 09:26, 19 December 2016 (EST)
I am not sure that this should be noted unless we know for sure that the developers put it that was on purpose. The reason? It doesn't seem notable. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 09:39, 19 December 2016 (EST)
I don't think so. The only thing they have in common is that they're spires, and they don't look very similar aside from that.
Luigi 64DD.png (talk · edits) 15:41, 19 December 2016 (EST)

Electric Light Generator[edit]

Is there an official name for these? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, they're hexagonal machines with an eye on the bottom that shoot "electric" light. Also, would they be significant enough to merit their own article, official name or not? --Green Mario (talk) 00:54, 19 December 2016 (EST)

As far as I know, they don't have an official name. And I've only seen them in one galaxy in the game, so I don't think they should get their own article. It might be a different story if they're in multiple games, though. Lava Spire Daredevil Run 09:25, 19 December 2016 (EST)

Their internal name is "Eye Beamer"--Alternis (talk) 12:34, 21 February 2019 (EST)