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Hello. I'm a recent active editor of this wiki, though I've been registered here for nearly two years. I started coming again to check out the article for the Super Mario Bros. film, due to a recent revival in my interest for it. I was disappointed to find that the article was woefully inadequate and very deprecating. The movie really does not deserve the bad reputation it has, so I decided to work to expand and improve the article and all those relating to it to help show other Mario fans what the movie really has to offer.

While I continue to expand those articles, I have since moved on to improving other articles. My modus opperandi could probably be defined by merging. I do enjoy the main Wikipedia, but many of the articles have been removed and cut down by merging them into general articles. This really lessens the amount of information a singular topic can cover, and I really dislike that. However, while these specialized fan-wikis do a good job covering subjects the main Wiki would most likely ignore, they also have a habit of placing too much importance on every little thing. I feel this is a poor presentation of information. It forces main articles to only lightly brush on related topics when it could be greatly expanded if found in the same place. Many of these split articles result in vague stubs, and that really does not help either article. Putting all the information in one place allows for a quick and easy allocation of a given subject's information, as well as reducing the presence of trivial stub articles.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want every article merged. If we did that, we'd be no better than Wikipedia and the flood of information on any given page would be overwhelming to any reader. I only work to merge articles of subjects I feel are intimately connected and do not stand on their own in the media they are found. Mario's hat doesn't deserve its own article, for example. I will always push to get things like that merged, and hopefully I can persuade a few backers to make it happen.

My other main area of focus is trivia sections. While trivia is fun and can result in a nice "Wow. I didn't notice that" kind of feeling, people really need to realize what does and what does not fit the profile of "triva". If I see trivia that's a mere coincidence, I remove it. No questions asked; trivia should have just as much standards as the rest of the page.

Articles I've Worked On

The following is a group of lists of different articles I've affected in some great way. My work on them may have been so great, and my interest especially tied into the subject, that I've "adopted" them. I Watch over them, expanding and re-writing when I can to create articles that are the best they possibly can be. You're welcome to help me on any of these, since I certainly can't do it all alone.

Articles I've merged

These are articles I've merged together and the reason why. Due to former articles no longer existing, the remaining article is provided first while the article(s) that were merged into it are described after.

  • Beezo, and the former Shy Away article. Shy Away is just another name for the same type of enemy, so I merged them.
  • Bill Blaster, and the former Blaster article. The Blaster was just the basic type of cannon that shoots Bullet Bills, so it worked better under the larger Bill Blaster as a Super Mario RPG section.
  • Cheep-Cheep, and the former Goby article. Goby is an enemy found in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, like Shy Away, that was named differently upon translation. It shared the same name with Cheep-Cheep in the Japanese version, so they were clearly the same enemy.
  • Durmite, and the former Straw article. The Straw is merely the proboscis of Durmite, thus making it a body part with a different point of attack, so separate articles was unnecessary. All credit for this merge goes to Edofenrir for pointing the division and the needlessness of it out, which I most likely would not have noticed on my own. I only set up the proposal and garnered it some attention.
  • Elemental Crystals - Each of the following individual articles were a short stub, but merged they all now occupy a comprehensive, organized, and simply better group article. Initially proposed by me to merge into Culex, but Fawfulfury65 suggested the great idea of a group article, which resulted in unanimous support.
    • Earth Crystal
    • Fire Crystal
    • Water Crystal
    • Wind Crystal
  • Elemental Ghost - Each of the following articles were short stubs dedicated to enemies found in Luigi's Mansion, a game that already receives very little attention as far as its articles. Each of the enemies are too similar and intimately-related as far as gameplay, so it made sense to put them together. (Special thanks to Edofenrir} for performing the actual merge during my absence)
    • Fire Elemental Ghost
    • Ice Elemental Ghost
    • Water Elemental Ghost
  • Elevator Key, and the former Elevator Key (X-Naut) article. Both are items of the same name appearing in the same game. Only made sense to merge them. (Special thanks to Reversinator for performing the actual merge during my absence)
  • Hamma, Bamma, & Flare - Each of the individual characters of this Glitz Pit team had their own articles, which was both messy and against current standard. Every other team of the Glitz Pit already had a grouped article, so it only made sense to merge them together. This also cut down on two stubs. Per another user's proposal.
    • Hamma Jamma
    • Bamma
    • Flare
  • Huff N. Puff, and the former Tuff Puff article. As indicated by the Tattle descriptions of each enemy, Tuff Puffs are merely pieces of the much larger Huff N. Puff. As such, they are counted as different points of attack of the same body, so I proposed the two be merged for a more comprehensive article.
  • Ground Pound, and the former Lock-on Ground Pound article. Essentially only a game-play-variant type of Ground Pound seen in a new game, with a given conjectural name. It could easily have been just the new way the move is used. Merged per other user's proposal.
  • Mario Kart (series), and the former Balloon Battle article. A rather extensive article on a mode of the Mario Kart series, but articles on modes aren't allowed so I merged the relevant information per other user's proposal.
  • Mario Party 7 - Articles on modes aren't allowed, so I re-wrote each of the following and merged into the main Mario Party 7 article per other user's proposal.
    • Volcano Peril
    • Pear Hunt
    • Waterfall Battle
  • Merlee's Mansion, and the former VIP Generator Room article. Simply fit better as a section of the current article. Merged per earlier proposal.
  • Podoboo Orb, and the former Bubble Capsule article. Same item, officially renamed. Merged per other user's proposal.
  • Royal Tennis Academy, and the former Royal Tennis article. The former article was redundant, so I merged per other user's proposal. The subject of each article differs (the former describes the place, the current merged article the game-play of the place), so it would be helpful if someone could rewrite.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the former My Music article. Essentially a mode of Brawl, so merged per other user's proposal.
  • Spear Guy, and the former Jungle Guy article. The Jungle Guy is an enemy found in Paper Mario, but it has the exact same appearance and behavior of a Spear Guy. Oh, and they also have the same name. Yeah, someone misnamed the article, so I changed the names to the proper one and merged.
  • Tribe of Ancients - Three of the Four Sages make no actual appearance in the game in Super Paper Mario, so it was proposed that they be merged into the List of Implied Characters. However, I felt that their role to the history of the world and the affect that role had on the current plot of the game merited their receiving attention, so I suggested we merge them together into a group article, which ended up being a sub-section of the Tribe of Ancients article.
    • Merlimbis
    • Merlight
    • Merloo
    • Merlumina (Partially. Sub-section with a Main article notice)
  • Vibe, and the former Vibe Meter article. Both articles were stubs and covered a topic too intimately-connected to stand well on their own, so I merged and re-wrote a little per other user's proposal.

Articles I've greatly expanded

These are articles that I found either woefully short or formatted in a bare-bones way without standardized sections. While most of the information is already there, what I've done is re-write most of it to be read longer and more professionally. I also go to related pages to glean a bit more information. Finally, I add appropriate sections to organize the article into the standard set for articles of more-than-average information. While I may not have created these pages, I certainly made them into what they are now.

Articles I've created

Articles I've helped become Featured

This section isn't for articles I've simply supported the Featuring of, or even those I've nominated for the position. Anything here is an article that I've pushed and pushed until I felt it was ready to become Featured, then I voted and it happened. Many articles nominated simply aren't ready, so I basically work everyone that supports the nomination, as well as myself, as much as I can until the article definitely is ready. You'd be surprised how much better an article can get.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - The entire discussion and how I helped push this article to become featured can be read in archived form here: MarioWiki:Featured Articles/A/Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga