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Status: On Winter break with nothing to do


Real Name: Fawfulfury65
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Favorite Game: Xenoblade Chronicles
“Got fury?”
User: Fawfulfury65, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Fawfulfury65 is a mysterious being that resides in the easternmost parts of Pennsylvania. She made her first appearance on the Super Mario Wiki on April 25, 2009 under the alias of Megamariofan65. She has a horrible memory and eventually reappeared again on May 27, 2009 under her current appellation, FF65 (with a password that she could remember). Later, she established her title as Patroller and later Sysop in 2010... until she mysteriously disappeared in 2012 for petty reasons such as school and life. Now, she is just a regular user that roams on the Wiki whenever she has time.

FF65 occasionally can be found online under the name "1Xeno1" or simply "Xeno".

FF65 also hates writing in third person, but it's too late to change that now.


Fawfulfury65's Userbox Tower
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Fawfulfury65 was obsessed with Mario games at childhood and was once on a mission to obtain every Mario game in existence. Now, while she still loves Mario games, she tends to more often play games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, Fire Emblem, etc. She is going to school as a Game Design Major (it's a real thing) and believes that video games are an art form. FF65 takes the most interest in games with deep storytelling that effectively translates into gameplay (therefore, her favorite game of all time is Xenoblade Chronicles). While she tends to play role playing games the most, she also loves platformers, her favorites being Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, and Rayman. She credits the Super Mario Wiki with allowing her to practice her writing skills and more closely observe the art of video games.

FF65's favorite Mario games include the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario games, but some of her favorite non-Mario games include:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Xenogears
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Pandora's Tower
  • 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
  • Earthbound
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Zelda: Majora's Mask
  • Harvest Moon 64

Plus tons more.

Mario Games FF65 Owns

Games are ordered by console - for the most part

FF65's game systems

Articles/Templates/Categories created by FF65


  1. Yoko Shimomura
  2. Trophy Challenge
  3. Just Plains
  4. Mushroom Roulette
  5. Dark Mechawful
  6. Attack Piece Block
  7. Wavy Waters
  8. Glittertown
  9. Ropey Jungle
  10. Foulwater Falls
  11. Cholesteroad
  12. Savannah Valley
  13. Smokey Castle (although I moved info from a previous article there)
  14. Norite
  15. Run-Down Pyramid
  16. Ultimate Figure Skating
  17. Bomb Block
  18. Wario Dance Company
  19. Luge
  20. Toilet Training
  21. Sea of Sand
  22. Ice Bro.
  23. Toad Balloon
  24. Stronghold Showdown
  25. Shaving Scream
  26. Penguin Playground
  27. Sparkle Ocean
  28. Crowd Control
  29. Poster Child
  30. Snowboard Cross
  31. Cholesteron
  32. Piggyback Jump
  33. Chuckberry
  34. Cranky's Video Game Heroes
  35. Diddy's Dash
  36. Egg (Game & Watch)
  37. Jungle Jaunt
  38. Freezing Fun
  39. Tricky Temple
  40. Whirlwind Storm
  41. Whirlwind Tire
  42. Snake Charmer's Challenge
  43. Sky High Caper
  44. Kong Krazy
  45. Kremlantis Kaos
  46. Snapper
  47. Button Barrel Blast
  48. Simian Swing
  49. Reef Rampage
  50. Kong Token
  51. Nautilus Chase
  52. Tire Trail
  53. Clifftop Critters
  54. Collapsing Clouds
  55. Track Attack
  56. Spiky Tire Trail
  57. Landslide Leap
  58. Mountain Mayhem
  59. Skyscraper Caper
  60. Arctic Barrel Arsenal
  61. Deck Trek
  62. Rope Ravine
  63. Riggin' Rumble
  64. Congo Carnage
  65. Balloon Barrage
  66. Construction Site Fight
  67. Fast Barrel Blast
  68. Oil Drum Slum
  69. Rickety Rapids
  70. Whiplash Dash
  71. Stalagmite Frights
  72. Haunted Hollows
  73. Rainforest Rumble
  74. Kuchuka Karnage
  75. Barrel Boulevard
  76. Button Barrel
  77. Barrel Shield
  78. Fuel Barrel
  79. Golden Barrel
  80. A Moment of Reflection
  81. Driver's Ed (microgame)
  82. S-T-R-E-T-C-H!
  83. Mall Tour
  84. Paper Trail
  85. Serve Already!
  86. Magnetic Block
  87. Funky's Flights (Bonus Game)
  88. Swanky's Dash
  89. Ignition Barrel
  90. Banande Lion
  91. Stop and Go Barrels
  92. Item Balloon
  93. Power-Up Token
  94. Just Kidding
  95. Tin Banana Tu
  96. M-Token
  97. Pickup
  98. King of Cling
  99. Crowded Cavern
  100. Tree Top Bop
  101. Beach
  102. Sunset Shore
  103. Tidal Terror
  104. Boulder Roller
  105. Sticky Situation
  106. Prehistoric Path
  107. Cliff
  108. Roasting Rails
  109. Switcheroo
  110. Peaceful Pier
  111. Tumblin' Temple
  112. Blowhole Bound
  113. Weighty Way
  114. Sloppy Sands
  115. Cannon Cluster
  116. Five Monkey Trial
  117. Jagged Jewels
  118. Button Bash
  119. Temple Topple
  120. Tutorial Pig
  121. Crazy Cart
  122. Golden Temple
  123. Platform Panic
  124. Canopy Cannons
  125. Smokey Peak
  126. Grip and Trip
  127. Mole Patrol
  128. Bombs Away (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
  129. Rickety Rails
  130. Itty Bitty Biters
  131. Wonky Waterway
  132. Mast Blast
  133. Lift-off Launch
  134. Damp Dungeon
  135. Shifty Smashers
  136. Bobbing Basalt
  137. Kowalee
  138. Furious Fire
  139. Moving Melters
  140. Contraption Cave
  141. Puzzling Pyramid
  142. Necky's Canyon
  143. Treacherous Twister
  144. Madcap Mine
  145. Kremling Kamp
  146. Raging Ravine
  147. Cold Cold Forest
  148. K. Kruizer III Engine
  149. Ice Castle
  150. Underwater Ruins
  151. K. Kruizer III Artillery
  152. K. Kruizer III Hull
  153. Deep Keep
  154. Seashore War


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FF65 is friendly, really. Don't take without permission.

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