Diddy's Dash

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Diddy's Dash
Diddys Dash DKC2 GBA.png
Gameplay of Diddy's Dash in the level Hot-Head Hop.
Appears in Donkey Kong Country 2
Time limit Five minutes
Prize Points
“What happened? Did you get lost?”
Cranky Kong, after Diddy loses at a level

Diddy's Dash is a time attack mode in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2, and is the successor to DK Attack from Donkey Kong Country on the Game Boy Advance. As the name suggests, Diddy Kong is the only playable character. The objective is for him to go through a level as quickly as possible.


In various parts of every level, there is a vertical alignment of stars spanning from the top to the bottom of the screen. This line serves as a checkpoint, so if Diddy takes damage or falls into a pit, he respawns from where the checkpoint is. There is a timer keeping track of how long Diddy has been in the level. However, if Diddy defeats multiple enemies in succession, the timer stops for a couple of seconds. The length in which is stops depends on how many enemies Diddy defeats in succession, with each enemy representing an extra second of the paused timer. DK Barrels are replaced with crates and regular barrels, since Dixie Kong does not appear in the mode. DK Coins and Bonus Areas were removed entirely, although Bonus Barrels and Bonus Area openings are erroneously left intact. The Bonus Barrels simply only slow time, meaning that if Diddy enters into one, he is immediately redirected back into the main level. When Diddy finishes a level, the player's high score is recorded for that level. The player can subsequently race through the level and attempt to beat their best time. The player can only play in levels that they have accessed during the main adventure mode. Boss battles are not available in Diddy's Dash, but are instead done in the main adventure mode, where they are timed and hosted by Swanky Kong for a fee.

By default, every level has a completion high score of five minutes. If Diddy manages to beat all of these times, Cranky Kong reveals a few cheat codes for the player to enter via the Cheats menu: KREDITS, HELPME, FREEDOM, ONETIME, and RICHMAN. He then challenges Diddy to beat his own level times. If Diddy outdoes all of Cranky's best times, Cranky reveals a few cheats: WEAKLING, WELLARD, ROCKARD, and WELLRICH. Cranky's times are as follows:

Gangplank Galleon
Level Best time (MM:SS)
Pirate Panic 00:20
Mainbrace Mayhem 00:30
Gangplank Galley 00:30
Lockjaw's Locker 00:55
Topsail Trouble 00:55
Crocodile Cauldron
Hot-Head Hop 01:00
Kannon's Klaim 00:58
Lava Lagoon 01:30
Red-Hot Ride 02:45
Squawks's Shaft 01:00
Krem Quay
Barrel Bayou 01:15
Glimmer's Galleon 01:50
Krockhead Klamber 01:05
Rattle Battle 01:05
Slime Climb 01:1
Bramble Blast 01:41
Krem Quay
Hornet Hole 01:40
Target Terror 01:27
Bramble Scramble 02:00
Rickety Race 01:30
Mudhole Marsh 01:40
Rambi Rumble 01:30
Gloomy Gulch
Ghostly Grove 01:00
Haunted Hall 01:55
Gusty Glade 01:10
Parrot Chute Panic 02:00
Web Woods 01:00
K. Rool's Keep
Arctic Abyss 01:40
Windy Well 02:55
Castle Crush 04:25
Clapper's Cavern 01:10
Chain Link Chamber 01:45
Toxic Tower 02:00
The Flying Krock
Screech's Sprint 02:00
Lost World
Jungle Jinx 01:15
Black Ice Battle 01:12
Klobber Karnage 01:46
Fiery Furnace 01:40
Animal Antics 03:00


Dixie Kong in Diddy's Dash
Dixie in Diddy's Dash

Diddy's Dash has several glitches. To perform one of them, the player must input either ROCKARD or WELLARD from the "Cheats" sub-menu, then enter Diddy's Dash and select any level. When the selected level is started, Dixie appears as the other playable character. If Diddy and Dixie change positions, Diddy's icon in the top-right corner does not change into Dixie's icon; it only shifts slightly upward or downward. Though, if the level is restarted while Dixie is in the lead, her icon takes the place of Diddy's. The glitch's effects wear off if the level is exited or completed.