Snowboard Cross

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Snowboard Cross is an event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Here, four players will race down a slope on a snowboard, trying to get past the finish line first.

Wii version[edit]

Snowboard Cross seen in Wii

The Wii version is similar to the DS version. The remote is held in front of the player's body facing upward. By flicking the Wii Remote up on a jump, the player will have the chance to do tricks by moving the Wii remote left, right, up, or down, which gives a speed boost when they land. To steer, players move the remote left and right. When crouching, they must tilt the remote forward. This, however, will make turning harder. If the player is moving too fast, they can tilt the remote up to break their speed. Unlike the DS version, there is no drifting and the characters may use their Special Move. The first player to cross the finish line wins.

DS version[edit]

Snowboard Cross in the DS version

In the beginning of the race for the DS version, the player can hold the Y Button button after the "2" comes up to get an extra speed boost. They must then hold that button to move forward. On a jump, the player should hit the B Button button with good timing and get another speed boost, but this time in the air. On a curve, they can simply hit left or right on the control pad to turn. Holding the R Button or L Button button while doing this will make the player drift and possibly get another extra speed boost. However, hitting into a wall will mess up the boost and slow down the player. Also, if the player rides in a slipstream behind a player, they will, yet again, get a speed boost. If the player can cross the finish line before their opponents, they will win.