Stop and Go Barrel

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A Stop and Go Barrel.
“Found on Stop & Go Station, one touch of these barrels will stop a Rock Kroc in its tracks.”
Donkey Kong Country (GBA) instruction booklet

Stop and Go Barrels are a type of barrel that appears in Donkey Kong Country, and are exclusive to the level, Stop & Go Station. They are a dark barrel either reading either "Stop" or "Go" on it, respectively in red and green text. The stage lighting corresponds to the Stop and Go Barrels' current setting (red for "Stop" and green for "Go").

In Stop & Go Station, most of the paths are occupied by the invulnerable Rock Krocs, whose movements can oddly be manipulated from the numerous Stop and Go Barrels appearing throughout the level. By default, each Stop and Go Barrel is set to "Go", which permits the Rock Krocs to move around. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jump at a Stop and Go Barrel, it and the other barrels of its type temporarily read "Stop", causing the Rock Krocs to curl into a ball and cease movement. This allows the Kongs to safely pass the Rock Krocs. After a while, the Stop and Go Barrels revert to "Go", and the Rock Krocs resume movement. The duration in which the barrels are set to "Stop" is based on the distance from that Stop and Go Barrel to the next one.

The level Loopy Lights features its own series of barrels with a similar functionality, On and Off Barrels, which temporarily turn on the lights throughout the stage.