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Max2 has been blocked indefinitely from editing the Super Mario Wiki for vandalizing pages.
See the block log and block time remaining.


I will be on Userpedia for now on.

Litle P. Self-recolored.

Userboxes: Here. Using to save space, should return to my page within 2 weeks

About Me

  • Username: Max2
  • Known For:
    • Voilent and Quick Mood Swings
    • 3D's #1 Fan
    • most imaginative User (read below)
    • Speed-eating
    • Comic Making
  • Not Known For:
    • Editing
  • Age: Infinite

My Imagination

Is very vivid and wild, which contributes to my lying skillz. Don't be offended if I say something mean, but sometimes, my Imagination kicks in, able to make lies appear as the truth instantly. Even I sometimes fall for my own lies, which make my moods extreme.

So please don't be mad if I make up some huge lie or something.

My Page is Below


"never say never. OMG, I just did!" - Me, somewhere. (read below quote)

"Uh... I forgot. Gimme a sec, K? - Me, many times.

"FISHY MEETS FOOTBALL MEETS MAN OF POPSICLE: MYSTERY OF TIME AND SPACE STARRING TRIX THE RABBIT: MYTHBUSTERS ADDITION!!! = Game that will never ever appear. not even in your dreams." - Max, chatroom. Saving for future generations.

"Move. Now. ... MOVE! fine, be that way." - when MTD was blocking the door.

"Who wants to hear Word on The Street? Max2's #1 Gossip Channel" - Me, advertizing my show

no other place to put this music.


Intro Egadd.gif

Hi! I'm Max2 anyway, I'm a HUGE 9-Volt fan, and I've played Every Mario Party game.

Call me Max, though.

I am not on the forum.

I joined... I forget. End of February '07.

In the chatroom, I sometimes host Word on The Street, a Gossip Channel about recent Wiki... well, gossips. Anything from Articles to Users, I'm there!

My GoalsWario Jumps.gif

  • Make this page cool!
  • Help new users (can't be crossed out. Ever)
  • Finish everything I plan to finish, after I've already finished planning them.
  • cross out the one above this.
  • "Collect" lots of gif's to animate section titles on this page!
  • get lots of archives.

Wikis I'm on

  • Here
  • Fantendo
  • many small Wikias

3G... IFs

f_BadBad3Dm_9b82dbd.gif LOL




my card. (too big for my page) Mr. 2!

Must click. Credit to 3D

  • Note: The folowing song will appear in my next comic. Sing to, "On Top of Old Smoky". Yes, this is supposed to be a prank version.

On top of old Leet Peak...
All covered in Cheese...
Then it rained down peppers...
And we started to sneeze...





Final Form.

Notice: I put a hidden sprite on here! If you can find the sprite and say who it is, I'll give you a quarter.


Here is Comic 1!


Please rate it here.

This one likely stinks, because I had to remove some frames/edit some.

Usermessage Archive

DO NOT ADD MESSAGES HERE. This page is only for archiving Template:Usermessages.

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Because I check this thing regularly.