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I am making a movie for this wiki, both an informative one and a sprite movie. This is for the 2-year anniversary thing and I'm going to post these movies on YouTube on the day of the anniversary. Got all the info I need for the informative one, but I kinda need help with the sprite movie. What should the movie be based on, what users should be in it. Since there are about 20 users with sprites, it's kinda hard to choose which ones are in the movie or not. So, I've decided that since some users with sprites are inactive and some have sprites and are active, to narrow it down to 15 main users. If you do not make it to the list in time, you will still be in the movie, probably as a cameo. Also, feel free to throw some of your ideas in. Sign-up ends on the first day of July. All comments/sign ups will be handled on the talk page. Ready, set go!