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Now, if you aren't named called Plumber (talk), YellowYoshi398 (talk), or Super paper luigi (talk), then go away (lol). Oh, anyway, the focus of this message is to get you people right on the personal images and userbox images. {{Userbox-image}} cannot be used on images that aren't even linked from MarioWiki:Userboxes. Plumber kept adding the template on images that were not linked to MarioWiki:Userbox. I assume this was not intentional, but now you know. Also, Plumber has been "saving" a few images of SPL's and dumping them on YellowYoshi398, like this one. You can't force someone to take personal images Plumber, especially when they aren't even using it on their user page. Also, SPL has been intentionally removing a couple of personal image tags, like this or this. You should really stop SPL.

YellowYoshi398 hasn't really done anything wrong, I just felt it was important to share some info with him. Also, since SPL hasn't placed {{Usermessages}} on his user/user talk page, it would be helpful if one of you told him about it. Wayoshi, feel free to interject. All complaints/excuses will be handled on the talk page.