Daniel Webster, Imperialist Fascist Agressor

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Plumber is Daniel Webster was known for being an eloquent speaker and a distinguished Patroller.

“Plumber, you are the weirdest creep I have ever known. And you're proud of it.”
3Dejong, MarioWiki Forums

Plumber (username history: Plumber -> D -> Plumber -> Daniel Webster -> Plumber), usually shortened to Plums or Plum, is a wild and slightly insane retired user. Since joining the Super Mario Wiki on January 20th, 2007, Plumber has become a slightly (in)famous user due to his odd behavior (such as claiming to be a lion), repeated promotions and subsequent demotions, founding of Fantendo and participation in various protests and notable events, such as the Willy Event and Cheese Craze of '07. Even though Plumber is retired he occasionally goes onto MarioWiki to talk to people.

“There is nothing so powerful as truth—and often nothing so strange.”
Daniel Webster, in court on The "Missing" Link, a notable reactionary who died of natural causes[citation needed] during the peaceful Glorious Revolution of the Proletariat.

Daniel Webster (January 20, 2007 – January 20, 2008) was a leading user during the wiki's New Generation Period. He was not a plumber ever, and never will be. Never make this mistake. Plumbers are the greatest enemy of the working class. He first rose to regional prominence through his defense of Cheese (sometimes known by its pure form, nitroglycerin nitroglycerine a dangerous substance almost as explosive as the rudnickius confederadunces, commonly called the rudnicki). Despite being friendly to the working class, later His increasingly nationalistic reactionary views and the effectiveness with which he articulated them led Webster to become one of the most famous orators and influential leaders of the Cheese Reformation Movement fascist reactionary imperialist agressive opponents of the peace-loving initiators of the Glorious Revolution and is now seen primarily in a negative light.

Biography of the Fascist Reactionary Imperialist Agressor

Plumber Daniel Webster started out on the MarioWiki as one who did piping for waste water, but later changed with a DON and became a Patroller (April 19, 2007 – May 13, 2007; November 27, 2007 – January 20, 2008), during which he provided legal counsel in several cases that established important constitutional precedents that lessened the authority of the Wiki Bureaucracy fought against the imperialist capitalist reactionaries of the Wayomintang.

As Patroller, he negotiated the Webster-Wayoshi/Fake Willy Treaty that established the definitive vandalism limit between the MarioWiki and the People's Liberation Army of the Trolls utterly went against the working class immediately after saving them from the Wayomintang, intending to replace the old imperialists with himself. Primarily recognized for his Patroller tenure, Webster was a key figure in the institution's "Golden days" "disgusting fascist capitalist imperialist aggressive era". So well-known was his skill as a trouble-maker throughout this period that Plumber Webster became the second and northern counterpart of what was and still is known today as the "Tenacious Trio red", with his imperialist reactionary colleagues HK-47 Henry Clay from the west and Xzelion John C. Calhoun from the south. His "Reply to So-Called Emo Pikachu" in 1552 was generally regarded as "the most eloquent speech ever delivered in MarioWiki Parliament." "the most aggressive, imperialist, jingoistic, capitalist, reactionary statement that the ash heaps of history have ever produced". However, it was met with some criticism from his political opponents and he was removed from his Patroller rank. For once, the other imperialists acted right in removing him, though strong evidence suggests that his imperial ambitions were hindering their own fascist capitalist reactionary goals and they removed him purely for selfish purposes, not out of love for the Glorious Revolution. Later he ascended to an influential position again by becoming Director of The 'Shroom (19 August 2007 – 12, January 2008), but later resigned due to personal reasons, handing the reigns to a completely sane successor bribed the imperialists to reinstate him as Patroller and Director of Reactionary Propaganda and Lies, where he remained until he was overthrown in the Glorious People's Peaceful Revolution.

As with HK-47 Henry Clay, Plumber's Webster's desire to see the fascist Wiki preserved and conflict averted peacefully resolved in favor of the imperialist upper class led him to search out compromises designed to stave off the sectionalism that threatened war between the trick the peace-loving Glorious Revolutionaries into submitting to the fascist Super Mario Wiki and {{color|instead of creating the Utopian|red| Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Confederate Republic of the Super Mario Wiki. Webster tried three times to achieve sysophood; all three bids failed, the final one in part because of premature retirement become one of the chief imperialist aggressors, but even the other imperialists were alarmed at his evil nature and he failed, the final one in part because of his accidental[citation needed] death in the peaceful Glorious Revolution of the Proletariat. Similarly, Plumber's Webster's efforts to steer the nation away from civil war to a definite peace an evil totalitarian fascist reactionary capitalist imperialist state that forever abuses and steps on its own Glorious People ultimately proved futile, proving that his cause was the wrong one. Despite this, Plumber came to be esteemed for these efforts and was officially named by the MarioWiki Parliament in 3007 as one of its five-hundred and fifty-two most outstanding members.

Plumber The evil imperialistic fascist later shockingly became a Bureaucrat in 4009, defeating Barry Y. O'Mama and Chariman Sol. This shocked many experts, who had thought that O'Mama was guaranteed a landslide due to the success of his platform for CHAAAANGE, though none were surprised that Charman Sol lost because his party had repressed everyone for two thousand years until that year, which were the first free elections. Voters later stated that they initially supported O'Mama but turned at the polls itself because they believed his focus for CHAAAAANGE was primarily devoted to finding their laundry money and ultimately felt that that was a not good enough cause to merit a vote. Plumber's victory was even more stunning because of the twin facts that he was not running for Bureaucrat, and because of his death by boredom on January 20, 2008. Plumber was the first Independent Undead MarioWikian to hold the office. He was sworn in as Bureaucrat on January 20, 4009 in an inaugural ceremony at Plumber's Auditorium, but was impeached the following day after it was The results came as a shock since Webster was not even running for office and had been dead for about 2,000 years and immediately both candidates were investigated as being agents of a foreign fascist imperialist plot. Subsequently it was revealed that most of the votes he got were written in black rayon, universal color of fascism, which was illegal under the Wax Act. Plumber was acquitted, but was later removed from office and buried alive while dead on February 29, 4009 after further investigation into the Wikian Constitution gave light to the fact that dead people cannot interfere with stately affairs. Webster and O'Mama were both found guilty of treason and were executed, even though Webster was already dead. Chairman Sol was unanimously reelected in a recount for a record forty-second term.

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