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“Happy Holidays!”
Name: Beanbean
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 15
Catch Phrases: It's a me, Beanbean!; Cya!
Big Bro: Plumber
Favorite song This
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Hi, I'm the younger brother of Plumber (talk), and here is my userpage. Enjoy!

I joined the Mariowiki back in 2007. These days, I make video games like The Last of Us Part II and Kingdom Hearts III. Currently, I work at Obsidian!

Facts about Me

  1. These are my sprites
  2. The first videogame I owned to myself was Pokemon Yellow Version, which I got when I was three.
  3. The first Mario game I've ever played was Mario Kart 64
  4. My favorite hobbies are drawing, playing videogames, and going on this Wiki
  5. I hope that I'll be able to someday go to Japan. <—-I got to do this two years after I wrote this!!
  6. My username came from my nickname in real life, Bean.
  7. I would like to work at Pixar when I grow up. <—- I went into game development instead. I’ve worked on Kingdom Hearts III and The Last of Us Part II, to name a few!

Bean Comic No. 1.PNG f_beansigm_66c71d9.jpg

Cya later!