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Welcome to my wonderful userpage!!


Age 16
Species UltraMario (A sub-species of Humans in which he is the ruler of all the UltraMarios.)
Gender Male
Joined July 30, 2010
Ranking User
Aliases UltraMario, UM, Clock Tower, Pinkie Pie, Tomba, Gooey, UM3000, UM3K, Beedrill, Baby Yoshi, Turbo, Turbo-Tastic, Rosy the Rascal
Likes Mario series, Internet, Drawing, a bunch of other things I'm too lazy to list.
Dislikes I don't know anymore
Allies Smasher, MCD, FourPaperHeroes, Yoshiwaker, MM64, GF, Aldo, MF, Yoshidude99, BlazeMario, Packy, MCS, SK, Mason, DrToadley, Crash, Xze, Neptune99, SLNO, YoshiEgg, and basically everybody else.
Personal information Real Life Name: Justin
Gender Male
Favorite Game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U'
Least Favorite Game N/A for now
State New Jersey

Hello. I'm UltraMario3000 and I'm a big Mario fan. I'm a boy by the way. I hope to make lots of friends! I also just joined Kirby Wikia as UltraKirby3000, so you might find me online there. I'm now on Userpedia! My Nintendo Network ID is UltraMariio. Feel free to add me! My 3DS Friend Code is 2638-0093-3000 (yes, 3000. ;) )

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