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Bottle Wizzerd, who isn't really a Wizzerd or a bottle. Heh.

Well, hello there. :P The name's Bottle Wizzerd. Not much to say... <.<

Name Origin

I just thought it would be interesting to add this section. The name comes from one my favorite Paper Mario baddies, the Wizzerd, and the word "Bottle". Simply because I was working on an Arts picture which consisted of giving human characteristics to an object. I drew a bottle, and the outcome looked like a Wizzerd. Yeah. <__<

Current Projects

  • Centered around Mario Party 5. I wish to create all mini-game articles with detailed information. (Done)
  • Work on the Thwomp Article.
  • I also want to fix all already created MP5 articles, I find them rather poor at the moment.
  • Create articles for Yoshi's Islands' levels, and fix existing ones.

Some info

  • I was born in Chile in September 30th, 1991.
  • My devotion to videogames began with simple games such as Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and Panic Restaurant. The latter inspired me the most, though the first one I ever played was Duck Hunt.
  • Nintendo's being my fave ever since I got into videogames. While I respect other companies, I feel like Nintendo is the one that works and puts more effort into their creations, and therefore feel a certain connection between me and them. It's wacky, I know.
  • My favorite Mario Baddies are Mr. I, Mr. Blizzard, Wizzerd and Skeeter.
  • My favorite console ever is probably the Game Boy Advance. >:D Including all GB and GBC games, of course.
  • My favorite Mario Party game is Mario Party 3.
  • My favorite "main" Mario character is Princess Daisy, closely followed by Yoshi.
  • My favorite "classic" Mario enemy is the Blooper.
  • I have no life whatsoever.

Mario Games Played

Yep. If I listed all games ever, this would take forever, so let's just stick to Mario. There's probably more Mario Games I have played, but didn't list.

Well, I believe that's it. TO BE PLAYED GAMES:

Articles I have created

My first contribution ever was in the Goonie article. I added a picture of Goonie in Brawl. Not very special, but I have grown to love Goonies now. <3 This is a list of the articles I've created from scratch or have heavily edited. If you're bored, then check 'em out and drop a comment or two at the Talk Page. Critics, compliments and even death threats are always welcome.


Reminder to Myself

Ignore this. It's for me.

-> Remember to check FAQ in GFAQs for Thwomp Appearances.