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Questions? Doubts? Complaints? Suggestions? Jokes? Etc.? PM or E-mail them to any of our Staff Members, and they'll be sure to answer!

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Position Details Member
Director Publishes new editions of The 'Shroom every month. Sets immediate, monthly, and yearly goals for publication; provides framework for staff cooperation and efficiently delegates tasks in order to enact plans. Responsible for final review and implementation of policy suggestions. Hooded Pitohui (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Sub-Director / Editor-in-Chief Prepares and edits new editions prior to release. Enforces writing policies as laid out in the Manual of Style. Assists Director in overseeing accomplishment and implementation of plans. Assumes full managerial responsibilities upon the Director's inability to fulfill obligations. Roserade (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Programming Manager Writes, tests, and maintains coding of various aspects of publication. Designs templates and tables which simplify layout, provide aesthetic pleasantness, and enhance the overall reading experience. Reviews and updates archaic coding; assists in modernizing layout. Twentytwofiftyseven (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Graphic Design Manager Ensures every issue is provided with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, banners, and other necessary artwork The Pyro Guy (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Statistics Manager Compiles spreadsheets, statistics, and reports for managerial purposes. Keeps records of hired and fired writers, past submissions, and staff changes. Assists in archiving previous editions. Contact them if you're interested in writing for The 'Shroom. Ninja Squid (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Website Manager Manages and maintains the staff website used in creating and assembling the 'Shroom. Lakituthequick (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
'Shroom Spotlight Manager Provides direction for and oversees progress of The 'Shroom Spotlight collaboration. Announces project updates and new editing focuses in a monthly staff section. Coordinates discussion in the project topic on the Super Mario Boards. Yoshi876 (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Fake News Director Directs and manages entertainment and advice pieces in Fake News. Doomhiker (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Fun Stuff Director Directs and manages puzzle and activity sections in Fun Stuff. Roserade (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Palette Swap Director Directs and manages music-, artwork-, and community fiction-related features in Palette Swap. FunkyK38 (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Pipe Plaza Director Directs and manages Mario news and Super Mario Wiki-related sections in Pipe Plaza. Zange (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Critic Corner Director Directs and manages opinion pieces and review sections in Critic Corner. Hypnotoad (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Strategy Wing Director Directs and manages historical analyses and strategy sections in Strategy Wing. Hooded Pitohui (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Staff Consultants Former Core Staff Members that continue to give input and assist with administrative duties on a part-time basis.
Gabumon (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
GBAToad (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Henry Tucayo Clay (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Lord Bowser (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Meta Knight (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
MrConcreteDonkey (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
MsRetroGeek (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Raregold (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Smasher (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Superchao (Talk Page · Forum Profile)
Turboo (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

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