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Almost seven years ago, a young Roserade was tasked with writing a paper for his second grade class detailing something he was very passionate about. His mother suggested to him, "*name withheld*, why don't you write about Super Mario World?" Roserade, estatic by the idea, raced onto the internet for a good source of information. And thus, young Roserade found the Super Mario Wiki.

While his paper went over ravishingly, Roserade's path along the Wiki was not over yet. Continually he would go through random pages and articles, learning as much as he could from this seemingly infinite fountain of knowledge. Soon enough, ten year old Roserade stumbled upon the Mario Boards.

That was not a good result.

Dubbing himself marioman1213, Roserade was not a good user at age ten. He was immature and selfish, and eventually his life lead him away from the Boards.

However, on January 17th, 2017, the Mario Boards bore witness to the Revival of Roserade, in which a fourteen year old Roserade made a possibly triumphant return. This new Roserade tried his hardest to be a respectful and respectable user, and also decided to help edit the Wiki and write for the 'Shroom; and thus, the Roserade you see before you was reborn.

Dramatics aside, hi! I'm Roserade, obviously. I make edits and write and chat and stuff. Feel free to say something on my talk page! |-