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Hi, I'm RHG1951. You may know me for such classics as:

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Clothing Shop

Default stuff

  • Clothes - Change the outfit that the Mii has on.
    • Casual wear - Casual clothing, like T-shirts and jeans.
      • Dicey T-shirt
      • Jeans - This item comes in different tones and shades.
        • Blue
        • Faded blue
        • Navy blue
        • Faded black
        • Slate
        • Black
        • Blue/Worn
        • Blue/Patches
    • Sportswear - Clothes and uniforms for sporting events
      • Sportswear A
        • Red
        • Blue
        • Yellow
        • Green
        • Slate
        • Lime green
        • Pink
        • Orange
        • Black
        • Brown
        • Purple
        • Baby blue
  • Actions - Change the actions of the Mii during games.
    • Stationary poses - Actions for when you're standing on a square.
      • Bopping
      • On alert
    • Die-throwing actions - Actions for when you're throwing the die.
      • Chucking a ball
    • Walks - Actions for when you're moving to another square.
      • Jogging
    • Happy poses - Actions for when you're just plain happy.
      • Cheering
  • Styles of play - Change the Mii character's style of play
    • (Style of play is determined by the combination of a character's personality and role.)
    • Personalities
      • Burger-loving
      • Normal
      • Ordinary
      • Conventional
      • Run-of-the-mill
      • Noodle-loving
      • Stew-loving
      • Fried chicken-loving
      • Curry-loving
      • Bread-loving
      • Vegetable-loving
      • Sushi-loving
      • Spaghetti-loving
      • Deep fried-loving
      • Pasta-loving
      • BBQ-loving
      • Steak-loving
      • Rice-loving
      • Soup-loving
      • Pizza-loving
      • Fish-loving
      • Kebab-loving
    • Roles
      • Male/Female
      • Boy/Girl
      • Teenage boy/Teenage girl
      • Young man/Young woman
      • Adult man/Adult woman
      • Middle-aged man/Middle-aged woman
      • Old man/Old woman
      • Elementary schooler
      • Middle schooler
      • High schooler
      • Undergraduate
      • Tax-payer
      • House husband/Housewife
      • Dad/Mum
      • Big brother/Big sister
      • Little brother/Little sister
      • Uncle/Aunt
      • Granddad/Grandma
      • Average Joe/Plain Jane
      • Chancer


  • Clothes
    • Casual wear
      • Punk clothes - 50
      • Riding jacket - 20
      • Casual wear A - 20
      • Casual jacket - 20
      • Jersey and track pants - 10
      • Sweater - 20
      • Aloha shirt - 20
      • High-neck sweater - 10
      • V-neck sweater
      • Casual wear B - 10
      • Apron - 10
      • Casual wear C - 10
    • Formal wear
      • Trench coat - 20
      • Waiter's uniform - 80
      • Suspenders - 50
      • Business suit - 20
      • Sleeveless sweater - 20
    • Sportswear
      • Baseball uniform A - 50
      • Baseball uniform B - 50
      • Baseball uniform C - 50
      • Soccer uniform A - 50
      • Soccer uniform B - 50
      • Basketball uniform A - 50
      • Basketball uniform B - 50
      • Tracksuit - 50
      • Sportswear B - 50
    • Funny costumes
      • Dancer's costume
      • Santa suit
    • Sets
      • Metal king armour - 300
      • Yangus's yarns - 100
      • Carver's clobber - 100
  • Accessories & mascots
  • Actions
  • Styles of play

Wario Table

Character Special ability
Wario artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Dashes and hovers with a cool jet pack—oh yeah!"
Mona artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Zooms around on her scooter and throws a boomerang in any direction."
Jimmy T artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Jimmy T.
"Thrusts his hips in multiple directions—sounds painful!"
Dribble artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Blasts shots from the right side."
Spitz artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Spitz (2-player mode only)
"Blasts shots from the left side."
Kat artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Jumps continuously and throws shuriken to the right."
Ana artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Ana (2-player mode only)
"Jumps continuously and throws shuriken to the left."
Orbulon artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Vacuums objects into a spaceship."
Dr. Crygor artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Dr. Crygor
18-Volt artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Shoots powerful discs."
Ashley artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Casts spooky spells and rides a broom."
Mike artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Glides through the air and blasts music notes straight up."
Young Cricket artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Young Cricket
"Runs and leaps high into the air. You know—like a cricket?"
5-Volt artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!
"Teleports anywhere and creates a shockwave."


Type of square Number of squares
Standard rules Easy rules
The Bank Square from Fortune Street
1 1
A Shop Square from Fortune Street
20 16
The Spade Square from Fortune Street
Spade suit
1 1
The Heart Square from Fortune Street
Heart suit
1 1
The Diamond Square from Fortune Street
Diamond suit
1 1
The Club Square from Fortune Street
Club suit
1 1
The Spade Change-of-suit Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Venture Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Take-a-break Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Vacant Lot Square from Fortune Street
Vacant plot
Varies 0
The Boon Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Boom Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Arcade Square from Fortune Street
1 1
The Roll-on Square from Fortune Street
1 1
The Dragon Quest-themed Backstreet Square from Fortune Street
1 1
The Stockbroker Square from Fortune Street
0 0
The One-way-alley Square from Fortune Street
One-way alley
0 0
The Cannon Square from Fortune Street
0 0
The Switch Square from Fortune Street
0 0
Total 0 0


Scrap Location Purpose
Wooden Bridge
Warm Fuzzy Plains Cross a river and continue with the level.
Decalburg Fountain
Decalburg Rescue the Sticker Museum curator.
Comet Piece
Water's Edge Way Complete the level.
Green Warp Pipe
Hither Thither Hill Progress through the level.
White Gate
Whammino Mountain Access the sticker shop and progress through the level.
Block Switch
Goomba Fortress Rotate a turntable.
Ship's Wheel
Surfshine Harbor Repair the boat at Surfshine Harbor.
Warehouse Door
Surfshine Harbor Access a portion of the warehouse.
Tablet Pieces
Drybake Desert, Yoshi Sphinx, Damp Oasis Restore Drybake Stadium.
Stone Entry
Drybake Stadium Progress through the level.
Tower Outer Wall
Drybake Stadium Progress through the level.
The Tree Stump Scrap in Loop Loop River, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Tree Stump
Loop Loop River Access a Comet Piece.

Trial Course

The Trial Course is a section of Bowser's Keep in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Once the player has completed the fourth trial, it leads to a tall room with a Save Block at the bottom.


The Trial Course within Bowser's Keep
The six doors
Big Thwomp
Boo, Goo, Bones, and Kipp inside of Bowser's Keep
Trial Image Description
The first section of the third Trial Course lava
The second section of the third Trial Course bowling ball
The third section of the third Trial Course lava again
The reward for completing the third Trial Course: The Sonic Cymbal At the end, there is a Treasure Box which contains the Sonic Cymbal, Mallow's most powerful weapon.

Slime FS.png "That's the way!" – Aqua (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, 2010)