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Edit conflicts[edit]

Hang on, please be very careful when editing the sound test notes for the TTYD remake, I was trying to edit Chapter 7 when I was hit with an edit conflict from your side that I was not notified about. If you can, try to contact me in the Super Mario Wiki Discord server to communicate potential instances of edit conflicts. (As a side note, I mainly use the Discord for communication on editing the wiki, so talkpage responses are not guaranteed, but this is not by any means discouraging you from leaving messages on my talkpage or responding to me.) --EleCyon (talk) 10:16, July 10, 2024 (EDT)

Oh sorry, I wasn't aware you were also editing at the same time. I'll be sure to talk to you on Discord if I edit the page in the future (I don't have anything else to add there for now). --Technetium (talk) 10:19, July 10, 2024 (EDT)

Re: TTYD Remake Character Sprites[edit]

I talked about it a bit here. Basically, the game uses "skeletal pattern" and "texture pattern" animations for its characters. Skeletal ones pose the individual parts and move them to make the animations, and texture patterns determine which of the character's sprites are visible. But the thing is that I don't think the people who assembled the full characters for Spriters Resource used the skeletal patterns as reference: compare the assembly of Bub-ulb to a screenshot of its default animation in a model viewer, and you can notice the positions of things like the flower and the eyes being off. I've been able to confirm that geometricentric and DogToon64's are incorrect, but I think fawfulthegreat64's are okay considering they have a good reputation in the community and are experienced with how the PM games work internally. Scrooge200 (talk) PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png 17:18, July 11, 2024 (EDT)

Thanks for the info. Luckily, most of the sprites I uploaded were from fawfulthegreat64, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. --Technetium (talk) 17:22, July 11, 2024 (EDT)

Re: List of tattles in TTYD NS article[edit]

Hi, I have all the tattles and Tattle Log entries listed in User:Scrooge200/Sandbox (I'd recommend bringing them over from there because it includes all the text differences, I ripped it directly from the remake). I was wondering if the tattles needed to go there because they'd also be listed on the bestiary, so that might seem a bit redundant.

For base TTYD and 64, I'm less experienced with text rips from there, so I'm not sure I could do full lists for those, but I agree that they should be made. Scrooge200 (talk) PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png 19:48, July 23, 2024 (EDT)