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My second sandbox for smaller projects.


Changing the system language also changes what translation the game uses, allowing you to easily get translated titles.

Bestiary moves not listed in template, latest entry is Scissors. I don't want to edit snipe so add these when it's mostly done:

Water Vellumental:

  • Flying Bite
  • Bite
  • Giga Wave
  • Ultimate Wave

Ice Vellumental:

  • Bowler Bear
  • Cold Claw
  • Ice Breaker

Rubber Band:

  • Bumper Bands, not "Bumber"

Hole Punch:

  • Gettin' Down


  • Sticky Whip


  • Sharp Drop

Boss Sumo Bro:

  • Thunder Guard


  • Group Headbonk


  • Group Headbonk

Bone Goomba:

  • Group Skullbonk


  • Group Headbalonk
  • Tower Attack

Shy Guy:

  • Stack Attack

Fly Guy:

  • Flyin' Blush Rush
  • Stomp


  • Bullet
  • Tower Attack
  • Firing Squad
  • Pyramid Attack

Koopa Troopa:

  • Shell Spark
  • Tower Attack
  • Group Shell Shot


  • Group Shell Shot


  • Assault & Battery
  • Bombs Away

Piranha Plant:

  • Fireball
  • Plant Pitch

Jumping Piranha Plant:

  • Bite Barrage
  • Fireball
  • Fireball Frenzy


  • Spell Toss
  • Team Toss

Puchi Pakkun (???):

  • Bite
  • Bite Barrage

Cheep Cheep:

  • Water Pistol
  • Tower Attack


  • Up-Chuck
  • Hurly-Burly
  • Foe Throw

Snow Spike:

  • Hurly-Burly
  • Foe Throw

Stone Spike:

  • Hurly-Burly
  • Foe Throw


  • Bombs Away
  • I don't think Flop is a move for Pokeys since it's not in the text data

Rocky Wrench:

  • Pass Belt
  • Wrench Throw

Chargin Chuck:

  • Tackle

Boomerang Bro:

  • Bro-merang

Hammer Bro:

  • Bro Throw

Sledge Bro:

  • Super Bro Throw
  • Hammer Throw
  • Hammer Down


  • Bumble Bump
  • Group Bumble Bump

Scuttlebug, fix Webshot to Web Shot Sumo Bro:

  • Heavy Thunder

Normal Ninji is missing, has the grass moves, Ninja Decoy and Tower Attack Mechakoopa, its only move is Fire Breath


Here is my current work on Paper Mario: Color Splash. I'm going to take a break from it to work on The Origami King info, but it'll still be helpful to have.

Pages needed


  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

I have access to the US English, Spanish, and French translations.

Other useful sources:

Low quality images

A lot of Port Prisma images. Some LQ enemy images. Use their cards for clearer images, maybe for Roller Guys too



  • Mountain Permit - Permis d'escalade - Climbing Permit
  • Paint Star Pieces - Morceau d'Étoile peinte 1 - Paint Star Piece 1
  • Blissful Beach Key - Clé de la plage Idyllique - Key to the Idyllic Beach
  • Fresh Sheets - Draps frais - Fresh Sheets
  • Birdcage - Cage d'oiseau - Bird Cage
  • Caged Bird - « Oiseau » en cage - "Bird" in Cage
  • It - « Ça » - "It"
  • Tea Recipe Book - Livre de recettes de thé - Tea Recipe Book
  • Magma Burger - Burger Magma - Magma Burger
  • Fishing Pole - Canne à pêche - Fishing Rod
  • Excavation Site Permit - Permis d'excavation - Excavation Permit
  • Sharp Spike - Pic effilé - Tapered Peak
  • Journal Entries - Entrée du journal - Jour 5 - Journal Entry - Day 5
  • Letter from Chest - Lettre dans le coffre - Letter in the Chest
  • Cafe Key - Clé du café - Cafe Key
  • Snifit's Card Key - Carte d'accès de Maskrache - Snifit Access Card
  • Trunk Key - Clé de la valise - Suitcase Key
  • Holo-Peach - Holo-Peach - Holo-Peach


Localization gone wrong

TTYD has so make localization mistakes that you'd think the translators hadn't played Mario before.

  • In Shhwonk Fortress, "Mushville" is listed as a place. It's supposed to be Toad Town.
  • Pine T. Jr.'s dad "takes care of Bubu in Toad Town." "Bubu" is supposed to be Li'l Oinks.
  • The Chuck Quizmo reference and secret at the end of RDM's last issue are removed.
  • The "Goomstar Temple" that Koopook is hiding in? That's the Crystal Palace.
  • Paragloomba's tattle states that they're stronger versions of "Parakoopas". It's meant to say Paragoombas, and "Parakoopas" aren't even real: that's Koopa Paratroopas.
  • Goombella's tattle also says that "Chomp-Chomps" are always excited. She means Chain Chomps.
  • Who could forget the whole "Chestnut King" catastrophe? It's actually the Goomba King.
  • Dark Lakitus throw Sky-Blue Spinies, not pipes as Goombella would tell you.
  • Petalburg's Toad was supposed to reference Super Mario Bros., which got turned into a Fire Emblem advertisement later.
  • What kind of disaster caused the fact that we have a page called Piranha Plant (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)? Well, in the original Japanese version, Pale Piranhas are Piranha Plants. These are Killer Piranhas. The localizers tried being fancy and decided that the gray one was now a Pale Piranha and the Killer Piranha was a Piranha Plant.
  • Both quizzes went through a change. The 65th Super Fun Quirk Quiz has "Luigi's underwear" instead of "Pickle Stone" (no idea why they changed this into something much less amusing), and the 66th Annual Quirk Quiz (What's up with these different names? Localizers again?) has a joke about the word Japan that got changed to "defeat."
  • Gloomer is named "Freddy" in his tattle while in pig form. This is actually his Japanese name.
  • In Japan, Doogans and Rowf have the same name, so it's like the Yoshi and Toad situation where a character and the species have the same name. The localizers didn't catch them.
  • Grodus's responses to Mario choosing to attack him in the Palace of Shadow are mixed up in the English version, leading to Grodus shouting "You dare defy me?" if Mario decides not to attack him.
  • Shellshock talks like KP Pete in the final cutscene.