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Welcome to my sandbox!


Image Level Description Boss Things found Colorless spots Connects to
PMCS Ruddy Road Slurp Guys.png Ruddy Road A grassland area and the first level in the game. Notable locations include a Toad's house and the Ruddy Road Cafe. The purple Rescue Squad's formation is located here. None Fire Extinguisher 39 Cherry Lake
Indigo Underground
PMCS Cherry Lake far away Paint Star.png Cherry Lake An area with many waterwheels that Mario must navigate through. Justice Toad is found here, and Mario has to collect the various items he has lost. None Fan 29 Ruddy Road
The Crimson Tower
Bloo Bay Beach
PMCS RedpepperVolcano01.png Redpepper Volcano A volcanic level. Draggadon resides here, and can be guided using the Fishing Pole and Magma Burger. None None 13 Redpepper Crater
Violet Passage
PMCS Redpepper Crater Rescue Squad Toad 45.png Redpepper Crater A deep volcanic area, containing hot springs. Big Lava Bubble Hair Dryer 19 Redpepper Volcano
Toad Trainworks
Vortex Island
PMCS The Crimson Tower Morton and Huey.png The Crimson Tower A tall tower full of conveyor belts and stairways. The tower is initially unpainted, but is restored after Mario rides an airship and drops paint onto it. Morton Cat-o-Luck 24 Cherry Lake
Course Red Yellow Blue Violet Orange Green Black Blue, red and yellow Various colors
1 Ruddy Road Daffodil Peak Indigo Underground Plum Park Marmalade Valley Mondo Woods Black Bowser's Castle Port Prisma Roshambo Temples
2 Cherry Lake Sunglow Ridge Bloo Bay Beach Violet Passage Kiwano Temple Sacred Forest
3 Redpepper Volcano Château Chanterelle Dark Bloo Inn Vortex Island Toad Trainworks Green Energy Plant
4 Redpepper Crater Mustard Café Cobalt Base Lighthouse Island Tangerino Grill Mossrock Theater
Boss The Crimson Tower The Golden Coliseum Fort Cobalt Fortune Island Sunset Express The Emerald Circus