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Xzelion's Userbox Tower
The cross.PNG
Koopatrol from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Artwork: Bowser
File:Don Pianta2.PNG
A Big Bandit from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
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Hey there, I'm Xzelion a former: patroller, administrator, and bureaucrat. I've been honored to be apart of many administrative functions of MarioWiki, It's forums, and chat. I also help found Userpedia, a wiki dedicated to the fan-fiction about this Wiki (which is dead now. RIP). A few things you should know about me: I have a habit of dropping off the face of the earth every few months, and I'm extremely sarcastic. So if I should say something mean don't take it personally. Unless I say it multiple times, then maybe I'm trying to tell you something.

If you look through my edits expecting huge rewrites of large articles, you'll be disappointed. I work mainly on Wiki Maintenance.

The rest of this page is mainly kept for the nostalgia factor, a reminder of the fun I've had on this Wiki.

My goals on Mariowiki

  1. To make over a 1,000 contributions
  2. To make at least 10 articles
  3. Create 20 Articles
  4. To complete articles for all the Glitz Pit teams.
  5. Create Fifty Articles
  6. Fight Spam
  7. Get a welcoming committee
  8. To Make 3,000 Contributions (main)
  9. To make 7,000 Contributions (total)
  10. To make 9,000 contributions (total)
  11. To make 4,500 Contributions (main)
  12. To add Tattles to all the TTYD NPC articles. Credit to John Lange
  13. Rewrite/Expand Black Skull, (keeping it here so I won't forget.)

Milestone edits

Important logs

  • I became an user on 21:44, February 18, 2007, the reason? "Cause Don Pianta > All"
  • I became a patroller on 12:39, April 18, 2007, the reason? " "
  • I became a Sysop on 21:37, May 27, 2007, the reason? "well-deserved and long-coming"
  • I became a Bureaucrat on 20:23, September 2, 2007, the reason? "The force is strong with this one."
  • I became autopatrolled on 12:56, 4 April 2011, the reason? "Because."

Gallery of images of me



Full Credit for this up coming pic to Girrtacos

Credit to Toadbert101