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Status: Well since nobody has decided to sign up now I've decided that characters that haven't been signed up for are played by themselves. This is because I am frustrated but it's a wise choice for me to do. But I'll still take sign-ups.

Yes I'm making a story! It's supposed to be based on the Subspace Emissary except that it's replaced with the users on this wiki! I'll need alot of time to do this though. So don't expect it in 2 seconds. (I'm kidding)


Mario- Supertroopa

Peach- Purple Yoshi

Kirby- Lil' Boo

Zelda- (Herself)

DK- (Himself)

Diddy- (Himself)

Fox- MB77

Bowser- Dry Bones (Better be known as The Missing Link)

Wario- Green Koopa

Pit- Moogle (What's his name now?

Pikachu- Pokemon DP

Samus- (Herself)

Popo- King Mario

Nana- (Herself)

Ike- (Himself)

Solid Snake- Paper Jorge

Meta-Knight- ChaosNinji

Link- Alphaclaw11


Pokemon Trainer- KP Shadow

Lucas- Fg

Sonic- Masked Mario

Dedede- Ice Yoshi (MB let me sign him up)

Ancient Minister/ROB- (Itself)

Captain Olimar- (Himself)

Lucario- Glitz Hawk

Ness- (Himself)

Jigglypuff- BlueYoshter

Wolf- McDimentio

Luigi- Toadbert 101

Falco- Garlic Man

Captain Falcon- Xluidi

Marth- (Himself)

Mr. Game and Watch- (Himself)

Toon Link- The Legend of Zelda Freak

Every Boss except Rayquaza- Theirselves

Rayquaza- DP's Rayquaza

Chapter 1:The Battles Have Begun!

One day at the Stadium, it was having it's daily battles. The battle today have 2 Brawlers: Supertroopa and Lil'Boo. As the battle has begun, among the people watching were Purple Yoshi and Princess Zelda.

Purple Yoshi: There they are!

They looked up to see the two competitor's trophies come from the sky and start their brawl. The two have equal strength and continue to fight eachother. Many other people watch all over, even in Sky Land there is Moogle cheering for each of the fighter's blows. Then when Lil'Boo falls down to the ground, he cannot move from there on. Supertroopa delivers a final blow and Lil'Boo goes flying off.

Supertroopa: Hmm... What happened to him?

After Supertroopa is declared winner, he sees Lil'Boo's Trophy. He decides to touch and bring back the life of Lil'Boo. As he does that, the two shake hands with eachother. Then the sky turns dark.

Lil'Boo: What is this?

The ship known as the Halberd flies over them and causes a slight chill into everyone's bodies. Then all of a sudden Primids start appearing from the ground and attacking the duo. Seeing this, Purple Yoshi and Zelda jump down to help the two.

Purple Yoshi: We've come to help you guys!

Zelda: Now let's attack!

With pure victory of the unique powers of each of them, they succeed in defeating the Primids. Then all of a sudden a mysterious person appears floating on a platform.

Zelda: Who are you?

The being speaks nothing.

Zelda: Answer me!

It drops an odd object to the ground and two R.O.B.s insert into a socket, opening a mysterious device.

Supertroopa: It's a bomb!

He starts flying towards it when a thud is heard. He turns and gets hit by a cannonball and is hit into the sky. Just then as Lil'Boo looked behind him he heard a scream and saw Purple Yoshi and Zelda trapped in cages held by Petey Piranha.

Chapter 2:Only 1 to Save!

Lil'Boo gazed onto the eyes of Purple Yoshi and Zelda, both faces appeared pale and frightened. Lil'Boo decided to hit the plant-like creature by itself. Petey Piranha just flings one of the cages at him.

Lil'Boo's Thoughts: So that's it! I have to hit the cages to hurt him! I've got it all planned now!

He starts floating towards a cage and starts damaging it alot. Petey Piranha just hurls the cages at him and continues to injure him.

Lil'Boo: Just a couple more hits!

He continues to fight to survive and is carefully still thinking of his starategies until an explosion happens and Lil'Boo jumps out of the explosion along with Purple Yoshi and land safely.

Purple Yoshi: What happened?

Lil'Boo: That happened!

Then out of the blue, Green Koopa appears from the explosion holding a gun-like device.

Purple Yoshi: Oh no!

Green Koopa looks around and sees Zelda out of her cage on the ground.

Green Koopa: Great idea!

Zelda: What?

He fires the gun at her and a black arrow appears and hits her. Afterwards, she becomes a trophy.

Purple Yoshi: We've got to go!

She points to the bomb, only seconds away from being activated.

Lil'Boo: I don't know though.

Purple Yoshi: Do you want to end up like Zelda?

Lil'Boo: Let's go then!

They jump on a Dragoon which was leftover from Supertroopa and Lil'Boo's fight and take off right before the bomb goes off.

Chapter 3: Skyworld Havoc!

Moogle looks in front of him at the fountain (or whatever it is) and sees the stadium go into Subspace.

Moogle: What the?

He looks behind him and sees the Goddess Palutena. He kneels down at her.

Palutena: Take this!

She hands him a spear-like weapon.

Moogle: I can shoot people with this!


She punches him to the ground.

Moogle: I'll just go then...

He climbs up the stairs, and flies out of the door.

Moogle: I can fly? YAYNESS!

He keeps on flying until he gets to a landing area and looks to the right only to see the Halberd flying right behind him.

Moogle: What the?

Primids appear growing around him.

Moogle: Only one thing to do!

He starts slashing at the enemies and throwing arrows at them. He then continues his journey and defeats even more enemies as he passes by.

Moogle: This is getting tiring.

He reaches a landing point in the clouds and looks to see a trophy.

Moogle: What is this?

He touches the trophy and Supertroopa comes to life.

Moogle: Your the guy who fought Lil'Boo today!

Supertroopa's Thoughts: Wow! I have a fan!

Moogle: Look, we need to stop those guys and you may not like it but we have to team up and destroy those guys!

Supertroopa: You talk too much.

And so they just start flying out to continue their journey.

To Be Continued...