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Wario crawling about on a Glue Globe

A Glue Globe is an orange sphere with a red Crystal Entity's symbol on the side from the game Wario World. When Wario touches it, he will stick onto it, allowing him to reach otherwise inaccessible places. Some Glue Globes move, while others stay floating in the air without moving. Wario then can jump off in the direction of where he was on the Glue Globe. If Wario jumps off of a moving Glue Globe, he will retain a large amount of momentum from the Glue Globe, which can allow him to jump very far. There are also Glue Globes that have ByeBye Balloons on them. When Wario jumps on these Glue Globes, he will be sent to the start or about halfway through the level, depending on where he is. Wario, through the game manual, says that he feels somewhat embarrassed being on Glue Globes.[1]

There are certain variants on Glue Globes throughout the game. In Horror Manor, some Glue Globes with jack-o'-lantern faces (also called Glue Globe Ghosts[2]) materialize and rise out of small glowing circles on the ground. Wonky Circus introduces Glue Globes that rotate on long poles (also called Glue Globe Poles[3]), stopping briefly in four directions. In the Mirror Mansion, there are globe-tailed lions[4], which are mechanical lions with Glue Globes on their tails that must be ridden to traverse obstacles.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

  • Shogakukan bio:


Sticking System
By touching Wario's body to it, he can stick and move.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くっつきボール[5]
Kuttsuki Bōru
Sticking Ball


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