Red-Brief J

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Red-Brief J
WW Red-BriefJ.jpg
Red Brief-J official art.
Full name Red-Brief J
First appearance Wario World (2003)
Red-Brief J and Wario squaring off in the arena.

Red-Brief J is a boss in the video game Wario World. Red Brief-J is a large, bipedal, anthropomorphic bull, who, as his name suggests, is clad in red undergarments, as well as a metallic helmet. His body is covered in a few scorch marks. As he is the main boss of Thrillsville, Wario faces him after clearing Beanstalk Way in the stage Red-Brief J's Showdown. The battle takes place on a metal platform suspended over a pool of lava, located in a snowy canyon.

Red-Brief J has the largest variety of attacks of any of the bosses in the game. Before he starts any attack, he will strut around after Wario with his hooves on his hips. Wario must not go near his feet when he does this, because fire erupts from them while he's walking. In his first and most common attack, he absorbs orange energy and charges toward Wario at full speed. The number of charges equals six minus the current HP.

Red-Brief J's second attack is to point and shoot homing fireballs from the hooves on his arms. His third attack only happens when he has taken damage. It involves drawing in purple energy and jumping extremely high, then landing at the middle, briefly dunking half the arena in lava. Wario must stand on the middle area to avoid this attack. His fourth attack happens when he's on 2-3 HP. He jumps in the air and starts spinning while drawing in blue energy. He starts front-flipping and then dives head-first into Wario.

In Red-Brief J's final attack, which only happens when he's on 1 HP, he draws in pink energy and spins like a ballerina towards Wario. This attack has an extremely effective homing ability, so it is very tough to dodge.

Red-Brief J resists Wario's direct attacks, and will counter-attack with one of his moves (possibly including the twirling move, even if he has high health) if Wario punches him. To defeat him, Wario must wait for him to do one of his huge charges. If dodged, the hulking bull loses control and ends up teetering on the edge of the arena over the lava. When this happens, Wario must immediately Ground Pound the middle section of the stage, causing Red-Brief J to fall off, releasing a large number of coins and then returning to the center of the stage. After five dunks in the lava, Red-Brief J succumbs and Wario receives the third piece of the Huge Treasure Chest Key and gains access to Sparkle Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レッドパンツジョニー[1]
Reddo Pantsu Jonī
Red-Brief Johnny
French Massimo Italian for "maximum".
German Machotaurus From "macho" (synonym for "manly") and "taurus" (Latin for "bull").


  • Red-Brief J, along with DinoMighty, are the only bosses to appear in the video game's official artwork.
  • This character seems to draw inspiration from Bīfun, one of the bosses from the first Wario Land game.
  • Red-Brief J is one of two bosses who can't become stunned; the other being Ironsider.


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