Wonky Circus

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Wario World Level
Wonky Circus
World Spooktastic World
Neighbor Level Horror Manor
Boss Clown-a-Round
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Wonky Circus is the fourth stage of Wario World and the second stage of Spooktastic World. It is a circus-esque level, containing enemies and obstacles of this kind, including Clown Missile Blasters and their Clown Missiles, flamethrowers, hordes of enemies, and a small bowling mini-challenge. The boss of this level is Clown-a-Round. The background of this stage contains posters saying "Wario Circus".



  • Red Chest: Bugle
  • Yellow Chest: Tambourine
  • Chartreuse Chest: Triangle
  • Green Chest: Clarinet
  • Cyan Chest: Trombone
  • Blue Chest: Sax

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぎっくりサーカス
Gikkuri sākasu
What a shame! Circus
German Gespenster Zirkus Ghost Circus