Rhino Ankiron

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Rhino Ankiron
Rhino Ankiron in Beanstalk Way
A Rhino Ankiron
First appearance Wario World (2003)
Variant of Ankiron

A Rhino Ankiron[1] is a variety of Ankiron that appears in Beanstalk Way in Wario World. It functions almost exactly like an Ankiron does, though it can fire flaming bombs capable of doing more damage to Wario. Despite the English name referring to it as a rhino, which it resembles, its Japanese name suggests it is a Siberian Husky, which it also resembles.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハスキロン[2]
A portmanteau of "Husky" and "Ankiron"


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