Gold Statue

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This article is about the item in Wario World. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, see Mario & Luigi: Dream Team § Gold Statue. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, see List of clothing in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam § Gold Statue.
Gold Statue

Gold Statues[1] are items that appear in Wario World. Here, Wario tries to piece together his statues, since they have been split into eight parts by the Black Jewel's magic and the pieces have been scattered across the level. Every time Wario completes one of these statues, half of a heart is added to his life meter.

In the game's instruction booklet, Wario calls out the editors for not naming these statues "Mr. Wario's Gold Statues" out of respect for him.



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Completed Gold Statues[edit]



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