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This article is about the item in Wario World. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, see Mario & Luigi: Dream Team § Gold Statue. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, see List of clothing in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam § Gold Statue.
The Wario Gold Statue from Wario World
Gold Statue

Gold Statues,[1][2] also known as Wario Statues,[3] are items that appear in Wario World. Here, Wario tries to piece together his statues, since they have been split into eight parts known as Statue Pieces[3] or Gold Statue parts[2] by the Black Jewel's magic and the pieces have been scattered across the level. Every time Wario completes one of these statues, half of a heart is added to his life meter.

A Gold Statue also appears in Welcome to Greedville, as the centerpiece of the golden fountain in the center of town. Its appearance is identical to the official artwork of the Gold Statue from the Wario World instruction booklet. If the player clicks on the statue, Wario's voice sings "Wario" to the tune of "Figaro," but he chokes after exhausting himself.

In the instruction booklet for Wario World, Wario insists to the game staff that these statues are named "Mr. Wario's Gold Statues."



Completed Gold Statues[edit]


A golden statue of Wario from the ending of Step It Up in Mario Party 9
The gold statue seen when Wario wins Step It Up in Mario Party 9


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