Gold Statue

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This article is about the item in Wario World. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, see Mario & Luigi: Dream Team § Gold Statue. For the item in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, see List of clothing in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam § Gold Statue.
Gold Statue

Gold Statues[1][2], also known as Wario Statues[3], are items that appear in Wario World. Here, Wario tries to piece together his statues, since they have been split into eight parts known as Statue Pieces[3] or Gold Statue parts[2] by the Black Jewel's magic and the pieces have been scattered across the level. Every time Wario completes one of these statues, half of a heart is added to his life meter.

In the game's instruction booklet, Wario insists to the game staff that these statues are named "Mr. Wario's Gold Statues".



Completed Gold Statues[edit]



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