Beware: Jagged Spikes

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Beware: Jagged Spikes
Beware: Jagged Spikes
World Mario Zone
Game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Time limit 500 seconds
Music sample
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Beware: Jagged Spikes[1] is the third level of the Mario Zone in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


The level starts out with a row of ? Blocks in a wide corridor. The last of these ? Blocks contains a Jack-in-the-Box. Immediately after this is a Kiddokatto followed by a Turtle Cannon shooting out Bullet Bills. Past these is a section where Mario must use balls on chains to get over Spike Traps. In the middle of this section is a ? Block containing a Mushroom or Fire Flower, which is followed by a section where Mario uses balls on chains to avoid Spike Traps and Bullet Bills. After this is a right-facing Conveyor Belt under upside-down Spike Traps. After a few Spike Traps is a ? Block containing a Mushroom or Carrot along with an Empty Block and a Kiddokatto. Past this are a few more Spike Traps and a Turtle Cannon, followed by the Mid-Point Bell. In between these Spike Traps is a secret found when revealing some Hidden Blocks. If the player were to continue up from these Hidden Blocks, they would find themselves in a room with multiple coins and fiery blocks. Past these is a room filled with coins and a ? Block containing a 1-Up Heart. After the Mid-Point Bell is a ? Block containing a Jack-in-the-Box beside a Kiddokatto on a leftwards facing Conveyor Belt. After a few more upside-down Spike Traps, there will be two claw that pick up the player and bring them over a Spike Trap pits. The player can either take the claw or go over, and if they take the claw, they will find themselves at a Warp Pipe. In this Warp Pipe is a vertical room with many Turtle Cannons. At the end of this room is a 1-Up Heart. If the player were to pass the Warp Pipe, they would find some Spike Traps, which lead to another claw. If the player were to go over the claws, however, they would find a Koopa Troopa and two Kiddokatto under a Spike Trap ceiling. After this is where the two paths meet. A Turtle Cannon can be seen along with four ? Blocks. The leftmost ? Block contains a Mushroom or Fire Flower, while the second-to-right ? Block contains a Jack-in-the-Box. After this is a ball on chains and two Turtle Cannons. Mario must use the ball on chains to get over the wall of Turtle Cannons, then use the claw to avoid some Spike Traps. Right at the end of this claw is the Goal.


Image Name Count
SML2 Jack-in-the-Box.png Jack-in-the-Box 3
SML2 Kiddokatto.png Kiddokatto 5
Sprite of Turtle Cannon from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Turtle Cannon (Bullet Bill) 10
Super Mario Land 2 Koopa Troopa. Koopa Troopa 1

Level map[edit]

Beware: Jagged Spikes

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレーンコース[2]
Kurēn Kōsu
Crane Course

German Kran-Level
Crane Level
Italian Gru[3]


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