Flaming Wario

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Flaming Wario
Flaming Wario Artwork.jpg
Artwork from Wario Land 4
Used on Wario
Item needed Flame, Fire Robota, Kaentsubo, Snake
Power(s) given Break Bonfire Blocks
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Latest appearance Wario Land: Shake It! (2008)
“Goo-waaah!! Help! I’m on fire! Somebody! Help! In the time it’s taken me to say this, my whole body’s been covered in flames! Don’t you think this is just too much?! I blame the game programmers! I’ll remember this! GRRR!!”
Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction booklet
Flaming Wario in Wario Land 4

Flaming Wario[1], also known as Hot Wario[2] or Fire Wario[3], is a transformation in the Wario Land series. When hit only by a Flame (a torch-holding fox enemy), a Fire Robota, a Kaentsubo, a Snake's fiery breath, the Sun's fireballs, or the flames from a Pig Head Statue or Aerodent, Wario will comically start racing around with his overalls on fire (similar to Mario running around with his overalls on fire from Super Mario 64). In this state, he cannot be controlled, except for jumping. Soon, the flames will spread across his entire body, making him essentially a living Fireball. He can now be fully controlled (although slowed down a bit) and can destroy Bonfire Blocks. This can be cured, obviously, by falling into water or just waiting until he burns out. Ball o' String Wario combines this ability with Snowman Wario.

In Wario Land: Shake It!, Wario can once again use this form; however, it can only be activated by coming into contact with a small fireball creature. Wario can also break Bonfire Blocks with this ability.

Flaming Wario makes a minor appearance in volume 28 of Super Mario-Kun. Aerodent sets Wario on fire. Hoggus attempts to help Wario, but aggravates the situation instead, angering Wario. Wario responds by contacting Hoggus while Wario is encased in fire.


Wario Land 4[edit]

  • Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program digital manual bio: "Press A Button while on fire to jump and +Control Pad left or right to move."






Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 燃える[4]
Acchicchi, Wario

Hot, Wario
Spanish Wario de Fuego[6][7] Wario of Fire
French Wario Flambant[8] Flaming Wario
Dutch Hot Wario[9] -
German Feuriger Wario[10] Fierier Wario
Italian Wario Fiammante[11] Flaming Wario



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