Goomba's Chip Flip

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Goomba's Chip Flip
Goomba's Chip Flip
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type Story mini-game
Time limit 10 seconds per turn
Music track Don't Fear the Duel (when placing the chips)
Challenge (when choosing a chip)
Music sample
Chips being placed:

Choosing a chip:

Goomba's Chip Flip is a Story minigame in Mario Party 4. It can be played only by two players. In Story Mode, the player plays against Goomba in this minigame.


20 chips are placed onto a playing field facedown. Players ground-pound the chips to reveal point values underneath. Two chips have a value of 20 points, five chips have a point value of ten, five chips are worth five points each, and five chips are worth three points each. The other three chips have a negative point value of either five or ten. The point values are then added to or subtracted from the player's score, depending on whether the chip has a positive or negative point value. The first player to reach 50 points wins.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button A Button – Pick a chip

In-game text[edit]

  • Goomba"There are numbers on each of the chips out there. Pick a chip and add its number to your points total! We'll take turns picking, and I'll even let you go first! Whoever gets to 50 points first is the winner! Use Control Stick to move on top of a chip. Use A Button > A Button to Ground Pound onto the chip you want to pick!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese めくって50!!
Mekutte 50!!
50 Turn Over!

French Jetons Goomba
Goomba Tokens
German Gumbas Chip-Flip
Goomba's Chip-Flip
Italian La bisca di Goomba
Goomba's gambling house
Spanish El tapete de Goomba
Goomba's tablecloth


  • When the player verses Goomba in this minigame, he flips the chips by headbonking them. This references the Goombas' main way of attacking in the Paper Mario series.