Barrel Baron

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Barrel Baron
Barrel Baron.PNG
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type Extra Room mini-game
Time limit 60 seconds
Initial record 0 points
Music track Twist and Shake
Music sample

Barrel Baron is a minigame in the Extra Room of Mario Party 4.


In this minigame, the chosen player is in a hot desert with oil teeming under the grounds. Walking around with pickaxe in hand, the player must search for a spot that makes the controller rumble (or makes a "!!" appear over the character's head if the Rumble Feature is turned off). After the player chisels three times, a geyser of oil comes out. Small geysers are worth one point, medium ones are worth ten, and large ones are worth 100. The goal is to get as much oil as possible in 60 seconds.


Score Name
0–49 Gas Station Patron
50–99 Gas Station Attendant
100–199 Gas Station Owner
200–299 Oil Well Wisher
300–309 Oil Baron
310–319 Oil Duke
320–329 Oil Prince
330–339 Oil King
340–349 Oil Tycoon
350+ Oil Star


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Dig

In-game text[edit]

Find a rumbling spot, and press A Button to dig for oil. For RUMBLE OFF settings, a "!!" will appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese めざせ!せきゆおう!
Mezase! Sekiyuō!
Aim! Oil Tycoon!

French Le Roi du Pétrole
The Oil King
German Ölbaron
Oil Baron
Italian Baron de'Bariloni
Baron McBarrel; pun on Scrooge McDuck's Italian name ("Paperon de' Paperoni")
Spanish El pozo de petróleo
The Oil Well