Doors of Doom

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Not to be confused with Doors to Doom.
Doors of Doom
Doors of Doom.png
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type Extra Room mini-game
Initial record 0 points
Music track Heart-Pumping
Music sample

Doors of Doom is a luck-based single-player minigame in the Extra Room in Mario Party 4.


The player can see two doors. One leads to Bowser, and the other leads to two other doors. The player should see how many doors they can open before Bowser ends their game. The minigame has no time limit. Only when the player selects the door where Bowser is found does the game automatically finish.


Score Name
0 Hapless Hero
1 Ding-Dong Ditcher
2 Door Slammer
3 Gate-Crasher
4 Door-to-Door Matador
5 Deft Door Dandy
6 Door Dazzler
7 Door Defier
8 Door Dominator
9–infinite Door Star


  • L Button – Open the left door
  • R Button – Open the right door

In-game text[edit]

Choose the left or right door and go forward. One leads to the next room, and the other, well...

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どこまでドア
Dokomade doa
Endless Doors. This is likely a pun on one of Doraemon's inventions, the Anywhere Door (「どこでもドア」, or dokodemo doa).

French Les portes de l'Enfer
The doors of Hell
German Tür ins Nichts
Door to Nowhere
Italian Oltre la porta
Past the door
Spanish Las puertas del terror
The Doors of Terror


  • Investigations from emulators reveal that it does not matter which door the player chooses. If the game decides they can go through into the next room, both doors will lead to the next room. If the game decides the player will fail, then Bowser will be behind both doors.[1]


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