Darts of Doom

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Darts of Doom
Darts of Doom
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type Bowser mini-game
Time limit 5 seconds per turn
Music track Play with Bowser
Music sample

Darts of Doom is a Bowser minigame in Mario Party 4.


In this minigame, players have to throw three darts simultaneously at a dart board with eight point numbers (1, 5, 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, and 100) and a Bowser emblem on the bull's-eye by pressing A Button. Once a player throws the darts, a Koopa Kid checks the board and announces the total score for the player. Once all participants have thrown their darts, Bowser announces the loser of the minigame, and the player with the fewest points gets burned by Bowser, making them lose the minigame. If a player hits the Bowser emblem in the center of the board, the minigame ends immediately, and that player gets burned.

If a tie for last place occurs, then the last player to get the lowest score loses.


  • A Button – Throw darts

In-game text[edit]

  • Bowser"Gwa ha ha ha! Welcome!! Well, this time the Bowser game is... Darts of Doom!!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"Want to hear the rules?"
  • Koopa Kid 1 (if "Yes" is chosen) – "All right, listen up, weaklings! I'm gonna explain the rules of this game!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"So no snoozing!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"Throw three darts at once, and try to get a lot of points!!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"A LOT of points!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"But the board will be spinning, so it won't be easy!!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"'Round and 'round she goes..."
  • Koopa Kid 1"The three cursors show where the darts will hit, so pay attention!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"Three Curses?!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"Watch the cursors' movement, and press A Button to throw."
  • Koopa Kid 2"A Button! That's the green one!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"The sum of the three areas your darts hit is your total score!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"If you can get any..."
  • Koopa Kid 1"The player with the least points..."
  • Koopa Kid 2"Gets a back rub!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"NO! They get ROASTED!"
  • Koopa Kid 2"Like chestnuts on an open fire!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"So here we go!"
  • Bowser"Rarrggh! If you make them play here, they'll hit ME!!"
  • (Both) Koopa Kid 1"That's gonna smart..." / Koopa Kid 2"Yikes!"
  • Bowser"Oh! One more thing! If you get a bull's-eye, you're toast!"
  • Koopa Kid 1"(Player) has (number) points!"
  • Bowser (if nobody gets a bull's-eye) – "We have a loser!!"
  • (If someone gets a bull's-eye) Koopa Kid 1"Waaaugh! You've done it now..."
  • Bowser"Nice shot, bucko!! That is, if you meant to hit MY FACE!!!"
  • Bowser (at the end of the game, bull's-eye or not) – "...on an open fire! He shoots, he scorches!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのパニックダーツ
Kuppa no panikkudātsu
Bowser's Panic Darts
French Fléchettes de la Mort Darts of Death
German Darts des Schicksals Darts of Fate
Italian Il bersaglio della paura The target of anxiety
Spanish Los dardos de la ira The darts of wrath