Treasure Tree

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“Welcome to Treasure Tree! Aim for a swinging item and jump to grab it!”
Shy Guy, Mario Party 4
The Item Minigame, Treasure Tree, from the Shy Guy's Jungle Jam board in Mario Party 4
Luigi, about to begin

Treasure Tree is an item Minigame native to the board Shy Guy's Jungle Jam in Mario Party 4. It is located around a tree on the western side of the board. The player needs to be small in order to play the game, or the character just walks past the game.

If the requirements are met, a Shy Guy talks to the character as they walk by, and the player is given the opportunity to play. Three different items attached to wooden stakes that drop down and swing from left to right, similar to a pendulum. The player then has five seconds to press the A button to jump and grab one of the items. The jump is a little delayed, so the character won't necessarily hit the item that was above them when they pressed A. Whichever item the character hits is added to the inventory.