Lucky Party Ticket

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A Lucky Party Ticket
“Come on in! This is your first time in the Lottery Shop? Well, here! You get a present! Don't lose this Lucky Party Ticket. You could win big!”
Koopa, Mario Party 4

A Lucky Party Ticket is a lottery ticket in Mario Party 4 that can be picked up at a Lottery Shop. It has three pictures of the players participating in the board on it. At the Last Five Turns Event, the lottery is played. The guide character of the board spins a roulette wheel, stopping on one picture. If one or more players matches the picture, the drawing goes on. If all three pictures are matched, that player receives a Star. Each picture has an equal 1 in 4 chance to match; therefore, the probability of a player winning the Lucky Party draw is 1 in 64. If a player wins the Lucky Party draw on Goomba's Greedy Gala, Goomba exclaims "One in a million, folks!!", greatly exaggerating the true odds against winning.