Koopa Kappa

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Koopa Kappa
The Bowser mini-game, Koopa Kappa from Mario Party Advance
Appears in Mario Party Advance
Type Bowser mini-game
Music track Bowser Mini-Game Theme
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Koopa Kappa is a Bowser minigame found in Mario Party Advance.

In the Shroom City mode, this minigame is played at Bowser Hideout, where Bowser challenges the player to beat it after they win his card game. Winning Koopa Kappa gives the player the minigame and two Gaddgets, Faux Flame and Hourglass.


The player must drop capsule lids on Koopa Kids as they travel on conveyor belts, pressing the buttons displayed on their capsules when they reach the area indicated by the green arrows. There are two conveyor belts; the Koopa Kids going along the top belt are always inscribed with one of the shoulder buttons, and the ones along the bottom are inscribed with A Button and B Button. When a capsule is dropped on one side, the player must wait for a moment before they can drop another; dropping the incorrect capsule on a Koopa Kid does not trap it. If a Koopa Kid makes it to the end of a conveyor belt without being trapped, the Koopa Kid heads into the room the player character is in and presses one of five plungers. If all five are pressed, the barrier protecting the player rises entirely as they are blown up, ending the minigame in a loss.

In the Shroom City mode, the player must cap 40 Koopa Kids in total to win. In Play Land, the player can select the number of Koopa Kids to cap.


  • A Button – Drop capsule
  • B Button – Drop capsule
  • L Button – Drop capsule
  • R Button – Drop capsule

In-game text[edit]

Press the right button to drop capsule lids on each of the Koopa Kids.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カプセルミニクッパ
Kapuseru Minikuppa
Capsule Mini-Koopa

French Koopa Kappa
German Eingekapselt
Italian Incapsulati
Spanish Encapsulando