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"Super Ball" redirects here. For information about the object in Yoshi's Story, see Bumper Ball.
A flying superball

The superball[1] (or Super ball[2]) is a type of projectile weapon found in Super Mario Land. They are very comparable to the Fireballs from other Mario platformers.

In Super Mario Land, after collecting a Superball Flower (and thus transforming into Superball Mario), Mario can shoot superballs by pressing B Button. Superballs, as stated above, are very much like fireballs, as they can damage enemies (although, unlike fireballs, Superballs sometimes take multiple hits to defeat even generic enemies). The superball differs from the fireball in some ways in that it, rather than bouncing up and down on the ground, bounces directly off of surfaces at a right angle. This can sometimes make it difficult to hit enemies, as the superball can bounce into the air before it reaches them. Also, the superball has the convenient feature of collecting Coins for Mario, something that the Fireball lacks. Every superball disappears approximately four seconds after being shot, unless it hits an enemy earlier; they also do so if they are destroyed, go offscreen, or touch Mario. Mario can only shoot one superball at a time.

In WarioWare Gold, Superballs appear in the Super Mario Land microgame, where Mario must throw them from a certain place in order to defeat enemies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーボール[3]
Italian Superball (in WarioWare Gold's Super Mario Land microgame) -


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