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“All the souvenirs and prizes you won in the Arcade are right here in this room! Browse the selection, from Minigames to everyday items. You're bound to find something good!”
Toy Room description, WarioWare Gold

This page lists all 324 souvenirs in WarioWare Gold. 274 of the souvenirs are found at random as a prize from the Capsule Machine. The rest include the 49 movies obtained through the story and the Staff Credits obtained after unlocking all of the challenges. The souvenirs obtained from the Capsule Machine comprise of 14 minigames, 3 phones, 30 phone numbers, 20 studio sessions, 126 character cards, 30 Nintendo collection items, 25 records, 17 alarm clocks, 6 3DS systems, the Love Tester 2.0, the Orbulon Voice Changer, and Wario's amiibo Sketch. All souvenirs can be found in the Toy Room within the Arcade.


Souvenir Description
Pyoro The legendary game returns! Control the starving Pyoro, and stretch out its infamously long tongue to catch beans falling from the sky.
Super Pyoro Now you can play the hottest game in Diamond City, too! Help Pyoro grab beans from both above AND below. It's an all-you-can-bean frenzy!
Mewtroid It's the cat-action-shooting game everyone is raving about! Roll Sameow onto her back, and fire up her laser beam to eliminate enemies!
Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow Your favorite cat-action-shooting game got a sequel! Captured by Mewtroid, Sameow must take on more dangerous enemies than she's ever faced before. Tilt your system to control gravity, and fire up that laser beam!
Micro Golf Open The mini golf adventure you know and love has been upgraded to five holes! Clear them with as few shots as possible to win. Challenge your buddies for a more competitive twist!
Micro Golf Tour It's the survival of the fittest...putter! How many holes can you clear in the number of allocated shots?
Pro Bowl This bowling game is the real deal with all 10 frames! Join your friend for a rolling showdown, or play solo and beat your own high score!
Autograph! You're a star, and everyone wants your autograph. This isn't the time to play favorites. Keep signing the same autograph to make your fans matter what they make you sign.
Game & Watch: Manhole Manhole, the classic Game & Watch title, perfectly reproduced! Classics like this are so simple, yet so addictive!
Pumpkin Panic This game features everyone's favorite nonemotive witch-in-training: Ashley! Use the power of her magic to protect the patch from the mandrake's attack. Crush a pumpkin, and you could be in for something...magical.
Memory Match It's the classic memory game, but with extra-cute characters! Find multiple pairs in a row, and kick this game up to the next level!
Root Awakening Gather all your favorite folks to play this game! Pick fruits and flowers tangled up in the roots, but beware! One of them is attached to the mandrake! If the mandrake wakes up and screams, you'll get more than a headache...
Sew Tricky Threading a needle successfully this many times is like...threading a needle! Don't be distracted by any funny-shaped needle eyes. Keep your focus on the task at hand, and you'll be fine!
Foiled! A pure Japanese-style sword action game! Swing your sword, and slash the falling objects. Focus and skillful swordsmanship are key to a high score. Try not to hit any bombs.


This is a list of all phones and phone codes. Phone codes can be dialed on phones to call various characters. The phone codes can sometimes be dialed again for alternative dialogue. Every phone code description reads: "A four-digit alphabetic code used to connect with someone via telephone."

Souvenir Description
Wario's Phone Wario's personal phone. Its vintage style is not only retro but surprisingly chic. To make a call, try entering a Phone Code. If you don't know how to do it, ask an adult to show you.
9-Volt's Home Phone The phone from 9-Volt's house. It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done! To make a call, try entering a Phone Code.
Jimmy's Cell One of Jimmy T's prized possessions—his newfangled portable phone. To make a call, try entering a Phone Code.
Souvenir Code Who it calls Dialogue
Phone Code 1 KJKJ Fortune-telling line We knew you'd call. We see all. What's in your future...? AN UNLUCKY DAY. Uh-oh. Call again. There's time to change your fate.
We knew you'd call. We see all. What's in your future...? A HALF-LUCKY DAY. Which is better than no luck. Thank you for calling the fortune-telling line.
We knew you'd call. We see all. What's in your future...? A LUCKY DAY. Good things are coming your way. Thank you for calling the fortune-telling line.
We knew you'd call. We see all. What's in your future...? A SUPERLUCKY DAY. Great things are coming your way. Thank you for calling the fortune-telling line.
Phone Code 2 KACI The father of the Astronaut Family from the Mars Jars microgame Thanks for calling to check on our status! We just landed on Mars moments ago. The crew is safe. Smooth sailing. No problems. Everything's peachy. **What?** Sorry, the kids are yelling. Like I said, everything's— **What now? A what? Kids, can't you tell your mother? I'm on the phone.** Sorry again. My kids won't settle down. Too much sugar or something. Now, like I said, everything's— **OH MY GOSH IT'S A GIANT DRINKING GLASS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES KIDS GET YOUR MOM!** Sorry, gotta go.
Phone Code 3 HAGE Tweezy, the man from Up for Grabs Oh, hey! I haven't had a call in forever. So yeah, I'm still having that problem. You know, when I do that thing, and it just gets worse? What, you don't know what I'm talking about? That thing, when I pull a hair out, and two grow in its place? It's like fighting a hydra! At this point, I can barely stay ahead of all those hairs! Then again, kinda feels good to pluck 'em. So, I'm not really all that bothered, but I should probably ask a doctor what's up. I'll show you how crazy it's getting next time I see you.
Phone Code 4 EJIA Handerson, the hand model featured in the microgame Butterfingers in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! and the needle-threading microgame and minigame, Right in the Eye and Sew Tricky Hello? Handerson here. Hand model extraordinaire. Now, who's calling? Ah, never mind. I'm assuming you've got a gig for my fingers. Have you seen my recent work? I recently starred in a needle-threading scene. It required a very delicate touch. But the chewiest role I ever took on was... Well, listen to me, prattling on! I'll tell you about that another time. For now, when you see hands...think Handerson, hand model extraordinaire!

Hello? Handerson here. Hand model extraordinaire. I'm sure you're a fan of my hands and want to know about my most difficult role. It was 15 years ago or so. I was shown into a room with a single toaster on a table, and I was told to catch the toast as it popped up. Now, that might seem like a sweet gig, but I was gobsmacked. Hot toast? Piping hot? Or worse, burnt? Fingers are a hand model's most valuable feature, and I was terrified that I might singe my assets. But I was eager for work, so I took the job and cooled my fingers in a bowl of rose water after every brush with toast. One must keep one's instrument fresh! Ah, what's that, you say? Have I ever stuck my fingers into a nose? Well, I never! A finger actor of MY caliber? Good-bye.

Phone Code 5 JFKE Unknown Hey, you're late. I was starting to think you'd never get past those guys. Glad you're OK. All right, I'm going to give you the code. HDIC. Dial it. Got that? Good luck.
Phone Code 6 HDIC Unknown 'Ello? Huh? Who's this? You meant to call me? This is HDIC. Huh? You did? Are you sure you didn't mean to call FBGA? I get that guy's calls a lot. All right, bye. *click*
Phone Code 7 FBGA Unknown Oh, hey! Nice timing! I finally cracked the code. The solution is four letters...JFKE. I don't have a clue what the letters mean. But a code's a code! I hope it works out for you.
Phone Code 8 ACHI The Part-Time Sumo from the Heat Wave microgame Thanks for calling. Since you went to the trouble, I'll tell you my secret. The truth is that...I wear a wig. Oh, man, I finally said it. Still, don't tell anyone, OK?

Thanks for calling. Since you went to the trouble, I'll tell you my extra-secret secret. I wear greens under my sumo belt! It's the future of biodegradable fabrics. But still, don't tell anyone, OK?

Phone Code 9 HIHE Unknown Gobba moubful of foob. Can'bt talb rigbt nowb. How'b bout you come ober laber?
Phone Code 10 BDIA Gigantaburger Welcome to Gigantaburger! What can I get ya? Large fries? Sure! Crispy nuggets? Sure! Three triple burgers with extra ketchup? Sure—and with a smile! Um, what? No, really. I am smiling. Really really. Your order will be ready when you drive up to the window. And I'll have your smile too!

Uh... Thanks for calling something-something-burger. What, you want to place a take-out order? Er, I dunno. I just started here. The regular guy should be back soon. Call back, yeah?

Phone Code 11 JIDE Unknown You know, I prefer texts to phone calls. I hate talking on the phone. Well, whatever. I'll wait for your text. *click*

Huh? You know I like texts, not phone calls. What? You sent a text first? Well, I didn't see it. But I'd like a text anyway. Yes, I know you can talk faster than you can type, but texting is so much more precise, don't you think? And you can't use emoji over the phone. And my mom uses the phone, and I don't do stuff my mom does. Text, OK? *click*

Phone Code 12 HIGE Heidi Hi there! It's me, Heidi. It has been TOO long! When'd you last call? I can't even remember. I'm always at the shop, so be sure to swing by. I'll make sure you get star-quality treatment!

Hi there! You've reached Heidi. Sorry, sweetie, but I can't pick up the phone. I must be tending to a little this 'n' that at the moment. Please leave your message after the beep, all right? *beep*

Phone Code 13 BAAI Unnamed WarioWare Gold developer Hey there! Thanks for playing WarioWare Gold! It's been 15 years since this series debuted. I played it when I was just a kid...and now I helped make this WarioWare all these years later! Hope you're enjoying it.
Phone Code 14 HEAD Unknown Listen, stop calling! I already said I wouldn't do it! Wait, this isn't Wario, is it? Ugh, that guy's been pestering me to make games for him. He's always been a pest, and he's never going to be anything BUT a pest. If you see Wario, tell him my decision is final. No games, no way. What's that? My name? S...sorry, gotta run.
Phone Code 15 DECA The player 10 years in the future Hello, [Player] here. Huh? Your name is [Player], too? Wait, your voice... Are you...? Am I...? Hey, I'm you, 10 years from now! Need proof? Well, I'll tell you what you'll be doing 10 years from now. You'll be...on the phone. Catch you in 10 years.
Phone Code 16 GAHA Unknown Wrong number, sorry. *click*
Phone Code 17 KAJI Unknown Hey, how'd you get this number? I don't take calls on this line. Hang up, OK? What, don't know how? It's easy, buddy. Just put the phone back in the cradle. Or if you're on a mobile, tap the hang-up button. OK, hang up. Please? Well, I guess I can hang up too. *click*
Phone Code 18 HADA Schnozz Jr., the pierced nose from the Gold Digger microgame and son of Mr. Schnozz from the same microgame Hello, this is Schnozz Jr. I'm a nose model. Not as in nasal fashion. No runways. No magazine shoots. No, I'm the one you call if you need a nose for an honest day's work. My dad was a nose model too. Some people in the industry even refer to me as Son of Schnozz. I'm following in my dad's footsteps. Or nasal...steps? ...Drips? What have I starred in? Can't say. I signed a nose-disclosure agreement.
Phone Code 19 BIEJ Baroness Drip, the woman from the Nighttime Allergies microgame Greetings! I am Baroness Drip. Yes, that is my real name. It's only a coincidence that my older sister and I both have noses that pour like teapots at high tea. Or perhaps it's a curse on our family. But I've always said, when life gives you a runny nose, don't blow your opportunity. Have fun with it! So, I let a drip trickle out... And stretch to the snapping point... And then, tee-hee, snort it right back in! Truly, it is an absolute hoot when I get it right. When I don't, it's so very sad. So, I don't recommend my drippity-drop frolicking to just anyone. It requires pluck. Yet I beg you, if you see a drip get away from me, be genteel, and never speak of it to me. Now, ta-ta!
Phone Code 20 BIED Pierre, the man from the Nighttime Allergies microgame Hello to you. Pierre, at your service. You may have seen me at night, when my nasal drip runs most copiously by the light of the moon. The other evening, when I was sniffing back my flow, I espied a beautiful woman. She, like me, was suffering from a likewise nose. So very drippity, I thought that our fates must be intertwined! I haven't been able to stop thinking of her ever since. Dare I say hello next time we meet? I must!
Phone Code 21 HAKK An unnamed scientist researching the Chicken Bugs from the Chicken Pinch microgame Hello? What's this, a media interview? I bet you're looking for a scoop about the huge discovery we've made in our laboratory. I can tell from your silence that it's true. Well, I appreciate quiet enthusiasm, so I'll share it with you. For many years, we've been studying the chicken bug, otherwise known as that wee little hopper that kind of looks like a chicken...but also kind of looks like a bug. You know, that thing we nab with tweezers. So, our discovery... We've seen that sometimes it grows a HAIR! That's as much as we've learned so far. The hair MUST serve a purpose. Our working theory is this... The bugs are growing the hair so when people try to tweeze up the creature, they catch the hair instead... Then the bug sheds the hair, providing a means of ESCAPE! A genius leap forward in follicular development, if true. It's only a theory, however. Now, that's all I can share. I look forward to your article.
Phone Code 22 CAFE Implied to be the Barista of the Café from Rhythm Heaven, which features an Ashley doll in Rhythm Heaven Megamix Hello? Oh, yes, we're open today. Just started brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Coming to our café soon? Um, you live in Diamond City? Well, if you can't get here, I'll yip on with you for a bit over the horn. Let's see... Oh, I've got an Ashley story, believe it or not. We put an Ashley doll in our café, and ever since then, we've had a lot more customers coming in than usual. Can't help thinking there's some hocus-pocus behind it all. But if you find any other Ashley stuff, I'd be interested. Oh, sorry to yip on so long there. Have a great day.
Phone Code 23 HAHA 13-Amp's mom Why, hello there! Are you one of 13-Amp's friends? She isn't home right now. This is her mom. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear she has friends here. We just moved to town not long ago, and I was worried she wasn't settling in. People always think she's the quiet, bookish type. But everyone needs friends. Well, thanks for calling. I'll let her know! Have a nice day.
Phone Code 24 AIAI Mimi's cat Ohmygosh! You would not believe what I saw. Where? In the park! It was Terry! You know, TERRY, just hanging out in the park, just like Terry always does? Anyhow, he was with Mimi. You know, MIMI, my best friend? Well, Terry was cozying right up to Mimi, and she just couldn't resist scratching him right between the ears. Then Terry said "meow" and Mimi said "Oooh, kitty!" And if that cat thinks he can get ear scratches from my best friend...well, he's not the only cat around. Now that I think about, that guy with the big blue hair had a kitty too. Crazy, right?
Phone Code 25 JCCJ Joe Thank you for calling Joe's Clothes. This is Joe speaking. Would you like to hear about this month's featured fashion? It's all the rage with toddlers—a diaper. Of course, not just your typical grocery-store diaper. Not from Joe's Clothes! It's the most adorable diaper, and they're flying off the shelves! Come in to see for yourself. I wouldn't advise trying it on unless you're a toddler. I did, and let's just say it didn't go too well. Now, please come on in to Joe's Clothes!
Phone Code 26 EIGA An unnamed moviegoer from the Toilet Training microgame Hi there! Do you like movies? You can stream movies these days, which is pretty convenient. But there's nothing like seeing a movie in a theater. I mean, you can't pause it, so you get swept into the action, and it just keeps rolling! You can't get that experience at home. I guess there is one problem in movie theaters... When nature calls, you gotta listen! And with that, see you later.

Hi there! Do you like movies? My favorite little movie theater closed recently. It's been around for 55 years. I felt like I grew up with it. Kinda sad, really. The new theaters I go to are so crowded, which means that the restrooms are crowded. I guess it's nice the staff is kind enough to make sure we get where we're going on time! And with that, good-bye.

Phone Code 27 IDEA Unknown So, you want to know how to come up with a great IDEA, huh? Well, let me give you a tip. First, focus on just one little easy idea. Second, think of anything that comes to mind while thinking of that little idea—and write them all down. Third, leave it all be. Just forget everything. Go to sleep. Finally, the next day, look at your notes and think about everything again. Try it, yeah? You'll surely find your way from a little idea to a big breakthrough in no time!

So, you want to know how to come up with a great IDEA, yeah? When you're stuck on a thought, and you're really struggling, just go for a walk. That will change your state of mind, and moving your body even a bit gets the blood pumping, which can be really good for thinking. Hopefully that will give you a flash of inspiration. You should try it!

Phone Code 28 AIGA Long-Lost Love, the woman from the Hookin' Up microgame Please, if you will, listen to my story. I'm utterly in love with him. Always him. He'll forever be my darling. I feel as if our lived are connected by a thread of fate. A red one, the color of valentines. When I first laid eyes on his tapered chin, my heart skipped a beat. But it feels as if I haven't seen him for an eternity! Can you imagine my loneliness? Perhaps you can. I must say, I feel better having talked about it. Thank you, from the depths of my heart.
Phone Code 29 JACK Nintenman, the Mario-like hero from the Classic Clash microgame Nintenman here! Hero to all! I battle kaiju! Despite my name, I'm not affiliated with Nintendo at all, but I do love Nintendo games. I play my Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS a lot lately. Hang on... Kaiju incoming! Time to battle. Bye!
Phone Code 30 KAIE Owner of a cat appearing in Kitty Cover Oooh! You couldn't have called at a better second. My tiger has skedaddled! And by tiger, I mean cat. And by that, I mean kitty! Mine is yellow with stripes of a tiger variety. Where could my bitty kitty have gone, and in all that wet rain! She has a red collar. Keep all of your eyes peeled for her!


Souvenir Description
Studio Session: Jimmy T Wanna add your voice to a little flick starring Jimmy T? I approve! Can't wait to hear you get into the groove.
Studio Session: Mona You want to add your lovely voice to my movie? That's amazing! Now Mona won't be the only star it features.
Studio Session: Dribble & Spitz You wanna be a part of a Dribble & Spitz picture? Yeesh! We'd be nuts to say no to that offer!
Studio Session: 5-Volt Adding your voice to my 5-Volt movie is a great idea! I can't wait to see how it all works out.
Studio Session: Ashley & Red Fine. You can add your voice to our movie, but if your impressions of Ashley and Red don't meet our might wake up cursed.
Studio Session: Dr. Crygor I would be honored to have your voice grace the track of Dr. Crygor's directorial debut. Now, give me your most ingenious performance!
Studio Session: 18-Volt Wait... You can rap?! That's awesome! I can't wait to hear your take on my rhymes! Don't go puttin' 18-Volt to shame now.
Studio Session: Penny You want to do the voice of Penny in my movie? I'm flabbergasted! your voice is sure to be tonally transformative!
Studio Session: Kat & Ana This is so exciting! Who do you want to dub first: Kat or Ana? It doesn't matter. We're sure you'll be ninjarific!
Studio Session: 9-Volt You can replace the voices in my movie? What a cool feature! How 'bout you play 9-Volt, and I'll play Fronk!
Studio Session: Cricket & Mantis Laying down a Studio Session track made by me, Young Cricket, and Master Mantis will require discipline, but I believe in you!
Studio Session: Orbulon Yes, I am Orbulon. I did not know it was possible for you to be me in this reality.
Studio Session: Wario, Volume 1 You think you can outperform me, Wario?! I'd like to see that! So go ahead. Dub me!
Studio Session: Wario, Volume 2 Hey! If you're gonna try to snore like the real Wario, you gotta put some oomph into it, OK?
Studio Session: Wario, Volume 3 Announcing a new league isn't easy, OK? The only way you'll get through this is if you embrace you inner Wario and take the plunge!
Studio Session: Wario Deluxe Gah ha ha! You?! Replace me?! Wario Deluxe? I've never heard anything more insulting! But give it your best effort... Try not to embarrass yourself, OK?
Studio Session: Lulu No. 1 Hi! This movie stars me, Lulu, but I'd be happy to hear your voice in there, too. You any good with a Balloon Buster?
Studio Session: Lulu No. 2 You wanna be Lulu in this movie? Sounds good to me! Be sure to snack on real food if you want to give an authentic performance.
Studio Session: Lulu No. 3 I'm Lulu, but once you add your dubbed track to this movie, you will be, too! Now imagine you're feeling very sleepy...
Studio Session: Extra This is an extra-special movie starring me, Lulu! ...Look! I brought a friend with me to Luxeville!


This is a list of all movies, which are obtained through progress in the story mode.

Souvenir Description
It's Me—WARIO! Prologue to WarioWare Gold.
Wario Bowl Intro to Story mode.
This Is Mash League! Intro to Wario's Mash warm-up.
This Is Mash League! (Ending 1) Conclusion to Wario's Mash warm-up.
This Is Mash League! (Ending 2) Conclusion to Wario's Mash warm-up.
This Is Twist League! Intro to Wario's Twist warm-up.
This Is Twist League! (Ending 1) Conclusion to Wario's Twist warm-up.
This Is Twist League! (Ending 2) Conclusion to Wario's Twist warm-up.
This Is Touch League! Intro to Wario's Touch warm-up.
This Is Touch League! (Ending 1) Conclusion to Wario's Touch warm-up.
This Is Touch League! (Ending 2) Conclusion to Wario's Touch warm-up.
Night on the Town Intro to Jimmy T's stage.
Night on the Town (Ending) Conclusion to Jimmy T's stage.
Search for Style Intro to Mona's stage.
Search for Style (Ending) Conclusion to Mona's stage.
Cool Cabbies Intro to Dribble & Spitz's stage.
Cool Cabbies (Ending) Conclusion to Dribble & Spitz's stage.
Time to Sparkle Intro to 5-Volt's stage.
Time to Sparkle (Ending) Conclusion to 5-Volt's stage.
Summon the Courage Intro to Ashley & Red's stage.
Summon the Courage (Ending) Conclusion to Ashley & Red's stage.
Paranormal Frequencies Intro to Dr. Crygor's stage.
Paranormal Frequencies (Ending) Conclusion to Dr. Crygor's stage.
Game to Rap Intro to 18-Volt's stage.
Game to Rap (Ending) Conclusion to 18-Volt's stage.
Star Scientist Intro to Penny's stage.
Star Scientist (Ending) Conclusion to Penny's stage.
True Ninjas Intro to Kat & Ana's stage.
True Ninjas (Ending) Conclusion to Kat & Ana's stage.
Math Quest Intro to 9-Volt's stage.
Math Quest (Ending) Conclusion to 9-Volt's stage.
Precious Prancers Intro to Young Cricket & Master Mantis's stage.
Precious Prancers (Ending) Conclusion to Young Cricket & Master Mantis's stage.
Gigantaburger Intro to Orbulon's stage.
Gigantaburger (Ending) Conclusion to Orbulon's stage.
I Love Gold! Short featuring Wario (1/3).
Nap Time Short featuring Wario (2/3).
Ultra! Short featuring Wario (3/3).
Practice Makes Perfect Short featuring Lulu (1/3).
Snack Time Short featuring Lulu (2/3).
Wakey Wakey! Short featuring Lulu (3/3).
Dance Floor Dilemma Intro to the Dancing Team's stage.
Dance Floor Dilemma (Ending) Conclusion to the Dancing Team's stage.
It's a Potluck Intro to the Potluck Gang's stage.
It's a Potluck (Ending) Conclusion to the Potluck Gang's stage.
Who Is Wario Deluxe? Intro to Wario Deluxe's stage.
Luxeville's Greatest Hero Intermission from Wario Deluxe's stage.
Let's Split The big finale!
A Hero's Journey Epilogue.


This is a list of all character cards. There are 42 characters among these cards, but there are 126 cards because each card has a C-rank, B-rank, and A-rank version. Initially, only the first 42 C-rank character cards can be obtained at random from the capsule machine. Once all souvenirs are collected, the Capsule Machine is then replaced with two Shufflers that reward random cards in exchange for coins. One of the Shufflers rewards B-rank and A-rank cards, giving the player 84 more souvenirs to collect. Collecting all souvenirs also unlocks the minigame Wario Kard, a timed turn-based strategy card game where collected character cards can be used to defeat enemies. B-rank and A-rank cards can also be obtained by defeating certain enemies in Wario Kard.

Card Type Power (Level 1) Power (Level 20) Points Timer Partner Human? Description
Wario (A Rank) Rock 360 645 4 01 Wario Deluxe Yes Wario doesn't ever lock the door of his house. So his friends are free to come and go as they please.
Wario Deluxe (A Rank) Rock 420 705 4 0 Wario Yes His eyes seem like they're a deluxe color, but they're only bloodshot. He got crummy sleep before his tourney.
Master Mantis (A Rank) Scissors 240 525 3 02 Young Cricket Yes Believes that training can happen anywhere, usually where he wants to be. Fairly recently, at a lovely café.
Young Cricket (A Rank) Scissors 255 540 3 01 Master Mantis Yes Cricket obeys his master so fully that when Mantis says training must happen at a fancy café, he hops to it.
Dribble (A Rank) Paper 252 537 3 01 Spitz No Dribble's hobby is sewing. He made the Spitz doll often seen in the taxi. He sewed it during the long night shifts.
Spitz (A Rank) Paper 210 495 3 02 Dribble No His head goggles aren't for improving his vision. At least, not above water. They're bathtub goggles.
Dr. Crygor (A Rank) Rock 150 435 3 01 Penny Yes Dr. Crygor was said to be quite the dashing romantic when he was a young man. Or so he keeps saying...
Penny (A Rank) Rock 120 405 3 03 Dr. Crygor Yes Penny has made a number of brilliant tech creations, but they often escape and run amok in Diamond City.
5-Volt (A Rank) Scissors 165 450 3 02 9-Volt Yes 5-Volt's husband is a firefighter, which only fans the flames of her love for him. She knows what she likes.
9-Volt (A Rank) Scissors 180 465 3 01 5-Volt Yes Skateboarding is 9-Volt's most leveled-up hobby. He loves going fast, even though he often drops Fronk.
18-Volt (A Rank) Paper 195 480 3 01 13-Amp Yes 18-Volt prefers veggies to meat and started his own garden to grow fresh carrots and tomatoes.
13-Amp (A Rank) Paper 135 420 3 03 18-Volt Yes A rap she's working on: Got my cap and I'm ready to rap. Ain't gonna stop until it's a...wrap?
Lulu (A Rank) Rock 114 399 2 03 Ruffington Yes Lulu has a knack for packing all sorts of things inside her ribbon. Snacks, weapons, you name it.
Ruffington (A Rank) Rock 084 369 2 04 Lulu No His favorite place in Diamond City is a bench by a clock. Ruffington won't let just anyone sit there with him.
Mona (A Rank) Scissors 132 417 2 03 Joe Yes Mona wants to be a famous adventurer. That must explain why she admires Wario—his nose for treasure!
Joe (A Rank) Scissors 120 405 2 02 Mona No Those who dance until the morning hours at Club Joe will get a free breakfast, courtesy of Joe!
Jimmy T (A Rank) Paper 132 417 2 01 Cat Yes The color of his hair changes once in a blue moon. They say if you see "red Jimmy," you'll have good luck.
Cat (A Rank) Paper 102 387 2 03 Jimmy T No This cat has many friends around the city. Word on the street is that she has a special someone in her life.
Kat (A Rank) Rock 126 411 2 02 Ana Yes Kat is skilled in katana techniques and those for shuriken too. Bad guys don't stand a chance against her.
Ana (A Rank) Rock 126 411 2 02 Kat Yes Ana is very skilled in the techniques of transformation. She can even make herself look like a flower.
Ashley (A Rank) Scissors 144 429 2 01 Red Yes When Ashley is trying out some new magic, she uses a special wand called Ashley's Witch Stick.
Red (A Rank) Scissors 090 375 2 04 Ashley No Red's really a big scaredy-cat and gets scared by his reflection. But only late at night, in the bathroom mirror.
Amy (A Rank) Paper 090 375 2 03 Mimi Yes Amy is overjoyed when she sees happy, healthy animals. She'll snap pics and put 'em on social media.
Mimi (A Rank) Paper 090 375 2 03 Amy Yes Mimi is overjoyed when she sees adorable animals. She'll snap pics and send 'em to her boyfriend.
Fronk (A Rank) Rock 135 420 2 02 None No Fronk adores 5-Volt's pancakes. Ever since he told her, Fronk only gets pancakes as his snacks.
Orbulon (A Rank) Scissors 138 423 2 01 None No Orbulon recently bought some land with his savings. That advanced his plans for his Earth invasion...a little.
Mike (A Rank) Paper 135 420 2 02 None No Mike is quite the cook. Ingredients go into his mouth, and a perfectly cooked dish comes out. Elsewhere.
Mr. Sparkles (A Rank) Rock 072 357 1 05 None Yes Mr. Sparkles goes to a gym known for its celebrities, like that wrestler who gets interviewed all the time.
Gahrumble (A Rank) Scissors 060 345 1 05 None No On his day off, he's a big demon-family man. They go to the demon mall. Also, the demon amusement park.
Doris 1 (A Rank) Paper 060 345 1 05 None No Doris 1's outer casing was once a different color, but it faded in the sun. Still, it's quite a nice hue.
Ralphie (A Rank) Rock 060 345 1 05 None No Ralphie takes his Nintendo 3DS with him everywhere and has to remind himself not to take it on waterslides.
Ms. Munchly (A Rank) Scissors 051 336 1 06 None Yes In the days of yore, she worked at a sushi restaurant. No one made HUGE sushi faster than Ms. Munchly.
Ninja Steve (A Rank) Paper 051 336 1 06 None Yes The large scroll he carries has written upon it all secret ninja techniques. Plus his absolute fave curry recipe!
Danny (A Rank) Rock 057 342 1 05 None Yes Today, Danny's just the voice behind the burger. But tomorrow, he'll be the voice of a musical superstar!
Little Hammy (A Rank) Scissors 033 318 1 08 None No These pigs love to go into the woods to sniff for yummy mushrooms. Their snouts deserve a shout-out!
Pops (A Rank) Paper 033 318 1 08 None Yes Luxeville is known for quality paper products. If you want the very best for your toilet...ask for Luxeville
Ben (A Rank) Rock 042 327 1 07 None No Ben follows in the footsteps of Ken and John. The three sometimes go out for lunch together.
Sasquatch Family (A Rank) Scissors 030 315 1 08 None No The members of the Sasquatch Family are maniacs for video games and will creep up behind gamers to watch!
Space Gangs (A Rank) Paper 099 384 1 0 None No When not wreaking havoc, they enjoy dressing up as UFOs to tour Earth. Earth flowers are the best souvenirs.
Alien Bunnies (A Rank) Rock 024 309 1 10 None No They are beyond adorable, but they aren't into warm fuzzies. Their faces also don't emote all that much.
Dark Lord Hum Gree (A Rank) Scissors 099 384 1 01 None No Dark Lord Hum Gree deeply desires to be defeated so he can revert back to whoever he was before all this.
Mandrake (A Rank) Paper 039 324 1 08 None No If the mandrake grows to its full and terrifying bears fruit that's simply perfect for jam!
Wario (B Rank) Rock 240 430 4 01 Wario Deluxe Yes As a veteran treasure hunter, Wario can sniff out riches from up to 100 miles away. What a nose!
Wario Deluxe (B Rank) Rock 280 470 4 0 Wario Yes His übergilded duds really do look extra deluxe. You kind of have to wonder where it all came from.
Master Mantis (B Rank) Scissors 160 350 3 02 Young Cricket Yes Uses a martial-arts technique known as Wii Form Style, though increasingly interested in Quick Switch Style.
Young Cricket (B Rank) Scissors 170 360 3 01 Master Mantis Yes Cricket is often seen at a Chinese restaurant in Diamond City. He spends a lot on food there.
Dribble (B Rank) Paper 168 358 3 01 Spitz No Dribble's ears twitch when he's happy about something. On his day off, his ears twitch like crazy.
Spitz (B Rank) Paper 140 330 3 02 Dribble No Loves coffee. Given he's named Spitz, you'd think he'd spill it all over himself. But no. He's a sipper.
Dr. Crygor (B Rank) Rock 100 290 3 01 Penny Yes Dr. Crygor might be a bit eccentric, but he's very smart. He's built tools and robots for his friends.
Penny (B Rank) Rock 080 270 3 03 Dr. Crygor Yes The heart-shaped ornaments she wears in her hair are actually high-tech. They fire missiles!
5-Volt (B Rank) Scissors 110 300 3 02 9-Volt Yes When she cooks a perfect dish, 5-Volt will make it the next day, and the next, and the next. What a perfectionist!
9-Volt (B Rank) Scissors 120 310 3 01 5-Volt Yes DJ'ing is 9-Volt's most leveled-up skill. Though just a school kid, he DJ's at clubs and mixes in game tunes.
18-Volt (B Rank) Paper 130 320 3 01 13-Amp Yes The shiny disc on 18-Volt's head is a CD. He wears a different one each day. On Tuesdays, anime soundtracks!
13-Amp (B Rank) Paper 090 280 3 03 18-Volt Yes A rap she's working on: I'm not like the wind—no easy flow. I'm a tornado. Duck and cover, yo!
Lulu (B Rank) Rock 076 266 2 03 Ruffington Yes Lulu's favorite things to eat are slabs o' fried meat and extra-nutty cookies. Sleepy after a meal.
Ruffington (B Rank) Rock 056 246 2 04 Lulu No Ruffington has plenty of company with other animals at Crystal Park. Surprisingly rare ones too!
Mona (B Rank) Scissors 088 278 2 03 Joe Yes Mona adores cute little critters. Sure, cats and dogs. But it's fuzzy-wuzzy caterpillars that really win her over!
Joe (B Rank) Scissors 080 270 2 02 Mona No Each time shoppers get their fashions at Joe's Clothes, they earn points for his handmade hamburgers.
Jimmy T (B Rank) Paper 088 278 2 01 Cat Yes He's a man of few words when talking. But when texting? There's no one chattier than Jimmy T.
Cat (B Rank) Paper 068 258 2 03 Jimmy T No Loves fluffy things and can't help pouncing upon a cushion or blanket to revel in the sweet softness.
Kat (B Rank) Rock 084 274 2 02 Ana Yes Kat is fairly rough-and-tumble on the playground. She never misses a game of tag. No one can catch her!
Ana (B Rank) Rock 084 274 2 02 Kat Yes Ana likes to play with animals at school. Some like Ana so much, they follow her all the way home.
Ashley (B Rank) Scissors 096 286 2 01 Red Yes Ashley has very specific tastes in food and, when eating, saves her favorite thing for last. Voracious.
Red (B Rank) Scissors 060 250 2 04 Ashley No Red absolutely loves candy from the human world. He wolfs down lollipops in almost no time at all.
Amy (B Rank) Paper 060 250 2 03 Mimi Yes Amy hopes to be a veterinarian. She wants to make sure that every puppy and kitty feels truly fuzztastic.
Mimi (B Rank) Paper 060 250 2 03 Amy Yes Mimi wants to be an animal researcher. She wants to specialize in feline analysis and also canine studies.
Fronk (B Rank) Rock 090 280 2 02 None No For such a tiny guy, Fronk gets lots done: cake baking, bike repairing, and hacking. He's good with his hands.
Orbulon (B rank) Scissors 092 282 2 01 None No Orbulon's skin is ultra silky, but if you try to touch that smooth, smooth skin, he'll teleport away.
Mike (B Rank) Paper 090 280 2 02 None No Mike sings karaoke using the mics on his head. He'll sing on request, but his pitch seems to be out of whack.
Mr. Sparkles (B Rank) Rock 048 238 1 05 None Yes Mr. Sparkles has big fans among late-afternoon TV viewers. It's likely his big arms or big smile that does it.
Gahrumble (B Rank) Scissors 040 230 1 05 None No Though dreadful to the human eye, he's just a 9-to-5 kinda guy in his realm. An engineer, not even of screams.
Doris 1 (B Rank) Paper 040 230 1 05 None No Doris 1 keeps a very potent soap in her right pocket. In her left, she keeps acorns that she's gathered up
Ralphie (B Rank) Rock 040 230 1 05 None No His Nintendo 3DS is his prized possession. It was a birthday gift from his raccoon mama and papa.
Ms. Munchly (B Rank) Scissors 034 224 1 06 None Yes Ms. Munchly thinks that a feast with friends is a fine thing indeed. She loves parfaits. Strawberry, please.
Ninja Steve (B Rank) Paper 034 224 1 06 None Yes His ninja specialty is the ol' breathing-underwater trick. You know, the one where you use a bamboo pipe?
Danny (B Rank) Rock 038 228 1 05 None Yes Danny's working to save money for a brand-new guitar. He's got a song in his heart, and he's gonna let it out!
Little Hammy (B Rank) Scissors 022 212 1 08 None No The owners of the farm these pigs call home are a nice couple. They try to make the farm a happy place.
Pops (B Rank) Paper 022 212 1 08 None Yes Pops dislikes the bitter shock of a cold toilet seat. And so he hopes to meet with a warmer seat.
Ben (B Rank) Rock 028 218 1 07 None No Ben is dedicated to excellence in newscasting enunciation. Who says "hotcakes" better than Ben?
Sasquatch Family (B Rank) Scissors 020 210 1 08 None No The Sasquatch Family is so huge, it's hard to know how many of the reclusive creatures there really are!
Space Gangs (B Rank) Paper 066 256 1 0 None No After causing a cosmic ruckus, the space gangs head to their home planets for a good night's sleep.
Alien Bunnies (B Rank) Rock 016 206 1 10 None No They prefer to feed on fresh carotene and buy it by the log at home. Every bit of currency goes into carotene.
Dark Lord Hum Gree (B Rank) Scissors 066 256 1 01 None No He's simply never satisfied, no matter how much he eats. It seems that he was consumed once—by darkness.
Mandrake (B Rank) Paper 026 216 1 08 None No The mandrake is a critical ingredient in magic potions. And the scent of fried mandrake? Ashley loves it.
Wario (C Rank) Rock 120 215 4 01 Wario Deluxe Yes There's nothing Wario loves more than money. Except maybe treasure. And garlic. Spends his cash on food.
Wario Deluxe (C Rank) Rock 140 235 4 0 Wario Yes This is Wario after transforming himself by doing... something. But is he really any more powerful? Nah.
Master Mantis (C Rank) Scissors 080 175 3 04 Young Cricket Yes Mantis is a master of the martial arts. He's extremely strong. Trains with his dutiful student, Cricket.
Young Cricket (C Rank) Scissors 085 180 3 02 Master Mantis Yes This young man is devoted to training under Mantis. He desires mastery. And craves meat dumplings.
Dribble (C Rank) Paper 084 179 3 03 Spitz No This Diamond City taxi driver is usually seen with Spitz, his cabbie partner. Has a bit of a short fuse.
Spitz (C Rank) Paper 070 165 3 08 Dribble No This Diamond City taxi driver is usually seen with his cabbie partner, Dribble. Stays calm. Well, usually.
Dr. Crygor (C Rank) Rock 050 145 3 08 Penny Yes Dr. Crygor has reenginereered many things—including himself! He might not look it, but he's over 100 years old.
Penny (C Rank) Rock 040 135 3 10 Dr. Crygor Yes This middle-school student has two great loves: singing and inventing! She hopes to be a pop star someday.
5-Volt (C Rank) Scissors 055 150 3 05 9-Volt Yes As 9-Volt's can-do mom, 5-Volt is sometimes strict but, underneath it all, really a softy.
9-Volt (C Rank) Scissors 060 155 3 02 5-Volt Yes 9-Volt lives for Nintendo. He's got all the games, from retro to the very latest. He's in elementary school.
18-Volt (C Rank) Paper 065 160 3 01 13-Amp Yes 18-Volt is a rapper and loves Nintendo games. And that pretty much makes him the perfect friend for 9-Volt.
13-Amp (C Rank) Paper 045 140 3 07 18-Volt Yes 13-Amp is the best rapper in her high school. Her parents might not approve of it, so she keeps this a secret.
Lulu (C Rank) Rock 038 133 2 03 Ruffington Yes A mysterious little girl who barged into Wario's game tournament. Lulu has shockingly good reflexes.
Ruffington (C Rank) Rock 028 123 2 03 Lulu No This too-cute dog makes his home at Crystal Park. The poor thing got separated from his friends.
Mona (C Rank) Scissors 044 139 2 03 Joe Yes She's bright. She's zippy. She's Mona! This high-school student also makes time for her friends. And shopping!
Joe (C Rank) Scissors 040 135 2 03 Mona No For an easygoing dog, Joe's pretty ambitious. He runs a boutique, a disco, and even more shops.
Jimmy T (C Rank) Paper 044 139 2 03 Cat Yes This cool dude is often spotted at Club Sugar burning up the dance floor with his moves. He's an original.
Cat (C Rank) Paper 034 129 2 03 Jimmy T No This street cat lives in the alleys of Diamond City. She doesn't have a name but answers to "cat". And "kitty".
Kat (C Rank) Rock 042 137 2 03 Ana Yes Kat is a ninja who's still in nursery school. Though Ana's twin, Kat is a little older and full of energy.
Ana (C Rank) Rock 042 137 2 03 Kat Yes Ana is a ninja who's still in nursery school. Though Kat's twin, Ana is a bit younger and very watchful.
Ashley (C Rank) Scissors 048 143 2 03 Red Yes In training to be a witch, Ashley has no time for silliness. Take your talk of cute stuff and candy elsewhere.
Red (C Rank) Scissors 030 125 2 03 Ashley No Red is Ashley's best friend, as her magic partner, can transform into things like a wand and a broom.
Amy (C Rank) Paper 030 125 2 03 Mimi Yes Amy is a college student in Diamond City. She's at the top of her class and always knows where the fun is.
Mimi (C Rank) Paper 030 125 2 03 Amy Yes Mimi is a college student in Diamond City. When not hitting the books, she's with Amy, looking for fun.
Fronk (C Rank) Rock 045 140 2 03 None No This odd creature is thankful that 9-Volt rescued him when he was lost, but he bristles at being called a pet.
Orbulon (C Rank) Scissors 046 141 2 03 None No This alien has a great invasion of Earth in the works. He's been here for a millenium and is 2018 years old.
Mike (C Rank) Paper 045 140 2 03 None No Mike is a robot that Dr. Crygor created to help with work in the laboratory. Doesn't everyone need a Mike?
Mr. Sparkles (C Rank) Rock 024 119 1 03 None Yes Mr. Sparkles brims with energy and keeps his smile turned all the way up, no matter how hard the workout.
Gahrumble (C Rank) Scissors 020 115 1 03 None No Gahrumble is a superstrong demon who's often called to the human realm. Once he arrives, he stays a long time.
Doris 1 (C Rank) Paper 020 115 1 03 None No Doris 1 lived in the woods for a long time after being abandoned. She swept leaves into the tidiest of piles.
Ralphie (C Rank) Rock 020 115 1 03 None No This raccoon boy is in elementary school. When he's near water, he scrubs his things like... a raccoon.
Ms. Munchly (C Rank) Scissors 017 112 1 03 None Yes This old woman is often found dozing at Diamond City Castle. Even while deep in z's, she looks formidable.
Ninja Steve (C Rank) Paper 017 112 1 03 None Yes Ninja Steve is a volunteer who gets ninja students to their tests. His will is strong, but his bladder is weak.
Danny (C Rank) Rock 019 114 1 03 None Yes On the other side of the speaker, Danny's a part-time worker all-the-time pep. He's in high school.
Little Hammy (C Rank) Scissors 011 106 1 03 None No These pigs live on a farm outside of Diamond City. They love to nibble on all sorts of herbs. Tasty, tasty!
Pops (C Rank) Paper 011 106 1 03 None Yes Pops is the mayor of Luxeville, which is an eco-friendly paradise. It's so remote, it's likely to stay that way!
Ben (C Rank) Rock 014 109 1 03 None No Ben is new to the world of reporting and started with the Diamond City Television Network only last spring.
Sasquatch Family (C Rank) Scissors 010 105 1 09 None No The Sasquatch Family prefers to live in mountain solitude. Still, they can't resist taking a peek at city folk.
Space Gangs (C Rank) Paper 033 128 1 09 None No These space gangs are the very latest in super high-tech hooliganism. They are all about green lasers.
Alien Bunnies (C Rank) Rock 008 103 1 09 None No These critters are the perfect staff at Wario's tourney. They're not cheap, but they really, er... hop to it.
Dark Lord Hum Gree (C Rank) Scissors 033 128 1 09 None No Always hungry. Always hungry. Always hungry. But he often thinks he wasn't always that single-minded.
Mandrake (C Rank) Paper 013 108 1 09 None No The mandrake is a plant from the demon world. When uprooted, it will cry like there's no tomorrow! Or not.


This is a list of all Nintendo collection items.

Souvenir Release Year Description
Hanafuda 1889 (JP) Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game, and the cards were Nintendo's first product. You could say Nintendo's history began with this game.
Yakuman 1966 (JP) Yakuman refers to this tile-based game's goal: to get the strongest "yaku" (tile sets). Nintendo's product was strong in its own way, made with high quality.
Ultra Hand 1966 (JP) This was the first product in Nintendo's Ultra series, a fun toy you could use to grab and snatch distant things. It's hilariously handy when you're feeling lazy.
Playing Cards 1967 (JP) Nintendo has made all sorts of playing cards, among them those above. These were designed for the tastes of a new generation of players in the 1960s.
Ultra Machine 1968 (JP) This was the second product in Nintendo's Ultra series, a batting machine that could be used at home. Its balls were light in design—safe for big hits!
N&B Blocks 1968 (JP) These small blocks were used to build lots of shapes and might have been the first round blocks in the world. They weren't the most fun to step on in bare feet.
Love Tester 1969 (JP) This toy measured the love between a potential duo. It was a big hit with young people, even if the hand-holding part could be a pretty tense test at times!
Ultra Scope 1971 (JP) This was the third product in Nintendo's Ultra series, an extendable periscope. It was great for scoping out secrets on the other side of a wall.
Light Gun Custom Series 1971 (JP) A high-tech toy in the '70s, this gun used light to strike targets. The Custom Gunman and Custom Lion would fall down—and then get right back up again.
Lefty RX 1972 (JP) The Lefty RX was a series of radio-controlled sports cars. The "lefty" part of the name was a tribute to the steering: the cars could turn only to the left.
Color TV-Game 15 1977 (JP) This was Nintendo's first home video-game console, and it played 15 games. It was released at the same time as a console that had 6 games.
Color TV-Game Racing 112 1978 (JP) The second product in Nintendo's Color-TV console series was a racing game where you could set the course and speed, with 112 combinations.
Wireless-Cleaner Chiritorie 1979 (JP) This toy, which is a rare find today, sucked up dirt and used a remote control like Nintendo's Lefty RX race cars. Leave it to Nintendo to make cleaning fun.
Ten Billion Barrel 1980 (JP) To solve this puzzle, you guided its balls to make five columns of the same color. The puzzle was so diabolical, it was named after "devil's stones" in Germany.
Game & Watch 1980 (JP) Game & Watch was an LCD-based series of games, such as Ball and Manhole, that also had a clock function. You could say that it's the ancestor of the Nintendo 3DS.
Donkey Kong 1981 This game debuted in arcades and introduced the world to Mario and Donkey Kong, who kidnapped Pauline. It was Mario to the rescue—for the first time!
Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System 1983/85 (JP/NA) Called Famicom for short, this home-gaming console could play many games, simply by changing cartridges. It was so popular, it sparked a video-game boom.
Robot / R.O.B. 1985 Played with the Famicom, this robot read light signals from a TV with its sensors, and then moved based on what it saw. It was known as R.O.B. in North America.
Game Boy 1989 Unlike Game & Watch, the Game Boy used an idea from Famicom: changing games by swapping cartridges. It also used batteries—extras were handy!
Super Famicom / Super NES 1990/91 (JP/NA) The successor to the Famicom had more detailed images and sounds. The pixel artistry that was possible on the Super Famicom still has many fans today.
Virtual Boy 1995 Games on the Virtual Boy seemed to leap out at the player, who'd watch the action through the lens. Some might say the Virtual Boy was ahead of its time for VR.
Nintendo 64 1996 Its 3D graphics brought worlds with three-dimensional depth to life—cutting-edge in its day. The controller's analog stick was perfect for such games.
Game Boy Advance 2001 Following up the popular Game Boy, this system raised the graphics capability to a whole new level. WarioWare made its debut on the Game Boy Advance.
Nintendo GameCube 2001 This console was designed as a cute cube, and its games were on discs, not cartridges. Its controller still has fans today and could be used with some Wii U games.
Nintendo DS 2004 This dual-screen system opened up new, intuitive ways to play games—mainly with touch-based control, but also in other ways, such as with its microphone.
Wii 2006 This system reimagined what a remote-style controller could be. Making games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit possible, and welcomed more people than ever to gaming.
Nintendo 3DS 2011 This system grew into the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, which brought 3D visuals to life. (Except for the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL systems!)
Wii U 2012 This console featured the Wii U GamePad, a controller with a screen built into it. Wario made a game called Game & Wario that was a good fit for this controller.
amiibo 2014 Whether figures or cards, amiibo can give benefits in compatible games, such as items or new kinds of gameplay.
Nintendo Switch 2017 This system is pure versatility, so you can play it on the run or sitting at your TV. Easy to bring others into games too with its shareable screen and controllers.


While the 15 first records come from previous WarioWare titles, the other 10 are in-game music.

Souvenir Description
Drifting Away You might recognize this pop song from the radio in Dribble's taxi in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. It's the perfect soundtrack for long drives into the sunset.
Four Seasons A serious Japanese Enka song used when Kat sets off to fight a bunch of monsters in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$.
Stealth Turtles This Enka song from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ is all about pain that sometimes accompanies life. Fair warning—it'll hit you hard.
Mona Pizza It's the cheerful pop song by the super-popular pop star Sal Out, first featured in WarioWare: Twisted! Listening to it has been known to elicit strong craving for pizza.
Mona Pizza (Japanese version) The Japanese version of Sal Out's pop hit from WarioWare: Twisted! is pretty cute, and it really captures the joy of pizza!
Wario de Mambo This song from WarioWare: Twisted! is known for getting gamers up on their feet and dancing the night away! It's mambo time!
Ashley's Theme It's Ashley's theme song from WarioWare: Touched!, and just like her, it's brimming with charm...and a hint of darkness! How many magic spells do you recognize in the lyrics?
Ashley's Theme (Japanese version) Ashley's theme song from the Japanese version of WarioWare: Touched! is not quite as dark as the original, is it?
Mike's Theme Mike's theme song from WarioWare: Touched! played while he did a spot of cleaning. It's way easier to scrub to a beat.
Mike's Theme (Japanese version) Mike's theme from the Japanese version of WarioWare: Touched! would be a big hit at karaoke night. He is a karaoke robot, after all!
Tomorrow Hill This pop song was introduced in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, playing on the radio in Dribble's taxi. It's just the kind of ditty that'll get you through everyday life.
Tomorrow Hill (Japanese version) The Japanese version of this pop song from WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It's sure to get those toes a-tappin'.
Body Rock This soulful song from WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase is a great workout song. Keep on dancing until you feel the burn!'
Body Rock (Japanese version) The Japanese version of the WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase workout song. It's just as danceable as the English version!
Dancin' Pirates You may recognize this happy song from Game & Wario. Doesn't it make you feel like you could just groove along and solve all of life's difficult problems?
Jimmy's Groove Ever find yourself being spotted by fans in a back alley and not being able to dance on demand? Not anymore! This song is just what you need to go from "Oh, man..." to "Oh yeeeah!"
Party People Getting ready for a party is half the fun of going to one! This is the perfect song to set the mood when you're shopping for the perfect party outfit.
Work Those Muscles! What is it about this music that just keeps those arms pumping and the burgers flipping? These beats really can do it all!
18 x 13 The spontaneous rap battle between two talented rappers is finally being released! Man, those rhythms are tight!
Special Attack! This music is featured in the battle scene from a popular game that is all the rage at Diamond City Elementary. There's something so refreshing and new about the classic electronic sound.
Disco Flavor Whenever 13-Amp deejays at a club, this music is sure to grace the speakers. It's guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire!
The Great Outdoors This bright and stylish musical tune will make even the most antisocial among you want to join in the fun! No outdoor barbecue is complete without it.
Introducing Wario Deluxe This music captures the radical and power-hungry spirit of Wario Deluxe! Played during the final match of the Wario Bowl tournament, it really gets the adrenaline pumping.
Wario de Mucho Can you dance perfectly to this cheerful beat? If you don't know the answer to that question, then it's time to give it a try.
Pumpkin Panic The soundtrack to Ashley's battle versus the ever-ominous mandrake roots: Pumpkin Panic! This... slightly scary but kinda cute song gets a surprising arrangement.


Souvenir Description
Wario's amiibo Sketch If you have any amiibo, show them to Wario, and he'll draw as sketch version for you in seconds! Who knows how it'll turn out, but you may be able to get some extra coins for it. (You can tap up to three amiibo per day.)
Orbulon Voice Changer This odd contraption can make you sound just like Orbulon. It's one of Dr. Crygor's most-prized, and least-used, inventions.
Nintendo 3DS Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
Nintendo 3DS XL Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
Nintendo 2DS Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
New Nintendo 3DS Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
New Nintendo 3DS XL Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
New Nintendo 2DS XL Give it a spin! Take a close look! Turn it on and see what happens!
Wario Alarm Clock Wake up to the abrasive sound of Wario's voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Why does it suddenly smell like garlic?
Jimmy T Alarm Clock Wake up to the groovy tenor of Jimmy T's voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Rumor has it, Jimmy uses this as his alarm clock, too.
Ashley Alarm Clock Wake up to Ashley's barely discernible mumbling. Clear the game to stop the alarm... If you even try to snooze, she may cast a spell on you.
Kat & Ana Alarm Clock Wake up to Kat & Ana's cheerful chatter! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Most ninjas wake up this way.
Mona Alarm Clock Wake up to the delightful sound of Mona's voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... If you're anything like her, better hurry. You're probably late!
Dr. Crygor Alarm Clock Wake up to the genius musings of Dr. Crygor! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Did you know these alarms were actually invented by Dr. Crygor himself?
9-Volt Alarm Clock Wake up to 9-Volt's excitable exclamations! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Of course 9-Volt loves this alarm. The best way to wake up is to game!
Dribble Alarm Clock Wake up with Dribble's raspy voice in your ear! Clear the game to stop the alarm... No matter how loud the alarm gets, you gotta stay cool.
18-Volt Alarm Clock Wake up to 18-Volt's sweet beats! Clear the game to stop the alarm... It might sound like the same beat's playing over and over again. That's 'cause it is.
Cricket Alarm Clock Wake up to the steady sound of Young Cricket's voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... How fast you can turn it off all depends on your level of discipline.
5-Volt Alarm Clock Wake up to 5-Volt's kind voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... You can tell she has a lot of experiences with this.
Penny Alarm Clock Wake up to Penny's dulcet tones! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Penny's original prototype for an alarm clock was so loud, Dr. Crygor went deaf for a week.
Orbulon Alarm Clock Wake up to the off-putting timbre of Orbulon's audible frequencies! Clear the game to stop the alarm... This may not be the alarm clock for you. Orbulon is said to sleep for weeks at a time.
Mike Alarm Clock Wake up to the robotic sounds emanating from Mike! Clear the game to stop the alarm... This is Dr. Crygor's favorite way to wake up.
Fronk Alarm Clock Wake up to the sound of Fronk! Clear the game to stop the alarm... This alarm clock is not recommended for heavy sleepers.
Wario Deluxe Alarm Clock Wake up to Wario Deluxe yelling in your ear! Clear the game to stop the alarm... You'll be jumping out of bed in no time!
Lulu Alarm Clock Wake up to Lulu's sassy voice! Clear the game to stop the alarm... Now get out there and practice your hydrogun skills!
Unknown Component 1 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 2 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 3 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 4 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 5 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 6 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 7 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 8 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 9 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Unknown Component 10 A fragment of something that somehow reminds you of your quest for love... (Collect 10 components to unlock something special.)
Love Tester 2.0 The infamous Love Tester returns after 50 years! Want to know how well you match up with your crush? Ask the Love Tester 2.0, and all your questions will be answered.
Staff Credits The names of the people who created this fine game on quality 2-ply. If it's scrolling too slow, roll it out as fast as you'd like!