Balloon Burst

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Balloon Burst
Appears in Mario Party
Type 4-player mini-game
Time limit 30 seconds (NTSC version)
40 seconds (PAL version)
Music Faster than All (NTSC-US version)
Move to the Mambo! (PAL and Japanese versions)
Balloon Burst
MP2 Balloon Burst.png
Appears in Mario Party 2
Type 2-vs-2 mini-game
Time limit 30 seconds
Music Not Gonna Lose

Balloon Burst is a minigame that appears as a a 4-player minigame in Mario Party and a 2-vs-2 minigame in Mario Party 2. Players participate in a race to pump a Bowser Balloon and pop it first to win.


In Mario Party, the minigame is set in a dungeon with stone walls and golden columns in the corners. The players are shown behind their pumps with a Bowser balloon behind each of them.

In Mario Party 2, the minigame is set in the sky. The teams are standing on a metal platform with barometers on the front and a Bowser Balloon behind.


Players (or teams) must inflate the Bowser Balloon using the pump in front of them within the time limit of thirty seconds. To pump the air properly, the players have to know how the pump reacts to the player's actions. If the pump flashes, the player should quickly pump it down until the pump turns bloated red, then pull up the pump; this must be done as fast as possible. The players can tell how much air they sent to their own balloon by the size of the pumps and how high the Bowser Balloon lifts itself. When they are close to exploding, the balloon's face will start to change.

The first player (or team) who bursts the Bowser Balloon wins. If time runs out, the players will appear tired and the minigame will end in a draw.

In Mario Party, the minigame is also one of the results that can occur from landing on a Bowser Space, an event known as Bowser Balloon Burst. The three players who lose the minigame will lose 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 coins; if a draw occurs, then all players lose the same amount of coins.

The minigame can be purchased from the Mini-Game House for 400 Coins.


  • A Button – Push down pump
  • B Button or Z Button – Pull up pump

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party[edit]

  • Game Rules"Alternate pressing A Button and Z Button to blow up the Bowser Balloon. B Button can be used instead of Z Button."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Alternate pressing A Button and Z Button to blow up the Bowser Balloon. Be the first to burst your balloon to clear the game."
  • Game Rules (Bowser) – "Everyone wants to be Number One! If you're not Number One your Coins will get taken!"
  • Advice"When the pump flashes, it is full of air. When it's full, you can pump lots of air into the balloon."

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Game Rules"Press the A Button and Z Button Buttons alternately to pump the Bowser Balloon until it bursts! You can also use B Button instead of Z Button."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster)"Teams of two try to burst the Bowser balloon! If your team finishes first, you clear the game."
  • Advice"Your pump will flash when it's full of air. You'll pump more air if the pump is full."

Names in other languages[edit]

Mario Party[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパふうせん
Kuppa Fūsen
Bowser Balloon
French Crève-ballons Balloons popping
German Bowsers Knall-Fall Bowser's Bang Fall

Mario Party 2[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダブルクッパふうせん
Daburu Kuppa Fūsen
Double Bowser Balloon
Spanish Estallido de Globos Balloon Explosion
French Crève-Ballon Balloon popping
German Der große Knall The great bang
Italian Scoppio di Palloni Balloon Explosion