World 4-2 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 4-2
World 4-2 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 4
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
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World 4-2 is the second board of World 4 in Mario Party: Star Rush. Like all World 4 boards, it takes place near a castle filled with lava, presumably owned by Bowser due to a large statue of him being found in the background. Unlike the other two boards in World 4, it does not feature rising lava. Instead, in a similar manner to World 3-2 and World 3-3, Bill Blasters, marked with numbers, shoot out Bullet Bills at the start of every turn. Each turn, a roulette gets turned with numbers on them; when a number gets landed on, the corresponding Bill Blaster shoots out a Bullet Bill. Anyone caught in the Bullet Bill's line of fire gets sent to the ends of the top or bottom portion of the board, hence the areas to take cover in with Bullet Bills fire. The board has one Shy Guy Shop and has no Lakitu spaces, making it the only World 4 board without Lakitu spaces. As with most second boards in the game, four Boss Battles are fought, each taking place on the lower elevated sections of the board.

Level description[edit]

  • "Beware the ballistic Bullet Bill barrage!"