World 0-3

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World 0-3
World 0-3 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 0
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
Boss 4
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World 0-3 is the final board of World 0 in Mario Party: Star Rush. It is the largest of the three World 0 boards, and it introduces ally characters on the second turn. The board introduces Coin Balloons and Duel Balloons, where the game teaches players how they function. The board has three steps which can be accessed when players pass through ladder icons on the map. This board has four Boss Battles, with the first three as Mega Goomba, King Bob-omb, and Petey Piranha, each of which takes place on every step of the board. The last boss is Bowser, as with every final board of every World in the game, who is fought in the minigame Bowser's Space Race. The board has many grass and flower patches. The grass patches have hidden Goombas that may penalize coins from characters unless Mario or Luigi lead the team, in which they gain 5 coins from defeating Goombas. Flower patches may give out coins, but these have no risk of Goombas attacking players. Unlike World 0-2, this board does not feature a Shy Guy Shop, but there are ? Block panels that players can land on to receive items.

As with all World 0 boards, bonus coins do not get handed out at the end of the game.

Level description[edit]

  • "Beaucoup balloons amid grass and flowers."