World 0-1

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World 0-1
World 0-1 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 0
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
Boss 2
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World 0-1 is the first board of World 0 in Mario Party: Star Rush. The board is a feature-less plain with only some coins found throughout it, as well as some rocks serving as barriers. The board serves as a tutorial to first-time players, with messages guiding players on how to play the game. This board has the least amount of Boss Battles, with only two Boss Battle minigames. The first boss is Mega Goomba and the second boss is King Bob-omb. After the first boss fight is completed, four ally characters pop up on the left and right bottom corners of the board. The game also teaches players on how ally characters work in this board.

When players complete any board in World 0, they do not get bonus coin rewards when results are tallied, including the Lucky Ally bonus coins.

Level description[edit]

  • "A simple plain that's perfect for practice."