World 2-1 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 2-1
World 2-1 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 2
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
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World 2-1 is the first board of World 2 in Mario Party: Star Rush. It is a three-sectioned board separated by spike traps. Players can switch the spike placements on these traps by landing on spaces marked with a !, dotted throughout the board. If the spikes are up, they serve as a barrier that cannot be passed. Any player standing on top of the receded spike trap gets sent backward by the spikes when the spikes come up. The board also has lampposts that serve as barriers, and it has flowers on the bottom right section of the board. Passing these flowers has a chance of players earning 5 coins from them. The board contains 3 bosses, and each Boss Battle takes place in each section of the board. This board is the only World 2 board that does not have a Peepa masquerading as an ally character.

Level details include a drawing of a Chain Chomp on the upper right area and a statue of a Boo on a pedestal on the bottom area of the board.

Level description[edit]

  • "A spooky manor full of spikes and switches."