World 0-2

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World 0-2
World 0-2 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 0
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
Boss 3
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World 0-2 is the second board of World 0 in Mario Party: Star Rush. This board introduces ? Blocks and Shy Guy Shops to newer players, where, as in all World 0 boards, messages appear to help players understand what they do. The board also has two elevations, where players can access higher elevations by walking through the ladder icons on the map; players can jump down from higher elevations without a ladder, however. Another feature introduced in this board is the grass patches. These grass patches may contain Goombas hidden in it, which take away any coins if players do not use Mario or Luigi as their lead ally. If Mario and Luigi are the lead allies, they can stomp on Goombas to receive 5 coins. However, allies do not appear in this board, so Mario and Luigi can be used only if an amiibo of the two characters is scanned before playing on World 0-2. The map features three Boss Battles: Mega Blooper, Mega Monty Mole, and King Boo. Two take place on the lower elevation while the final one appears in the upper elevation, furthest away from the starting point. There are more coins and rocks in this board than World 0-1, due to the board being overall bigger than World 0-1. Small details for this board include kites designed after Bloopers, Koopa shells, and Goombas, found on the bottom portion of the board.

As with all World 0 boards, no bonus coins are handed out in the end of the game.

Level description[edit]

  • "A walkway of ? Blocks and items galore!"