World 3-2 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 3-2
World 3-2 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 3
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
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World 3-2 is the second board of World 3 in Mario Party: Star Rush. It is the only board in World 3 that takes place on a single-layer of cake. The world features four Boss Battles, as other second boards of the other worlds barring World 0. A feature introduced in this board are Gold Bullet Bills. Mounted on presents, golden Bill Blasters shoot out Gold Bullet Bills at the beginning of every turn, indicated by a roulette with numbers in it. These golden Bill Blasters are marked with corresponding numbers; if the roulette stops at 1, for example, the Bill Blaster marked with 1 shoot out Gold Bullet Bills. The Gold Bullet Bills leave a trail of coins, which disappear the next turn. Any player caught in the Gold Bullet Bill path gets automatically chased by it until the character moves out of the way. If the roulette stops at "All", all Bill Blasters shoot Gold Bullet Bills at once. The board features a Shy Guy Shop at the middle section of the board.

Details of the board include lollipops in the shape of Lava Bubbles and Piranha Plants on the upper left area of the board and Goomba cupcakes and a Green Shell candy on the lower left area of the board.

Level description[edit]

  • "On this tasty confection, Gold Bullet Bills abound."