World 2-3 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 2-3
World 2-3 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 2
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
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World 2-3 is the final and largest board of World 2 in Mario Party: Star Rush. It contains both spike traps and Peepas disguised as ally characters from the first two levels of this world. Whenever an ally character spawns, a duplicate version of them spawns as well; this fake duplicate cannot be distinguished from the actual ally character. If the player takes the ally character, the Peepa then reveals itself, and then uses its Cursed Dice Block to roll 0's and -1's for the team. The Peepa cannot be used, and it goes away after a set period of time. Spike traps are activated when players land on spaces marked with a !. When landed on, spikes come out or recede, depending on the color of the spike traps. These spikes act as barriers, and any player standing on top of the spike trap when spikes come out get knocked backwards. The board, as with all final boards of each world barring World 0, contains five Boss Battles. The last Boss Battle is always Bowser, and if players confront him, he penalizes players furthest from him.

World 2-3 is the only board in World 2 to contain a Shy Guy Shop, located on the upper right portion of the board. It is also the only board in World 2 to contain grass, located on the lowest area of the board, where Mario and Luigi can stomp on Goombas for bonus coins while any other character leading the party may get a coin penalty from them.

Level description[edit]

  • "A battleground of Peepa pranks and spike traps."