World 3-3 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 3-3
World 3-3 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 3
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
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World 3-3 is the last and final board of World 3 in Mario Party: Star Rush. As in most final boards of each respective world, it is the largest board and features five total Boss Battles. The Boss Battles can be found in all layers of the cake. The fifth boss is always Bowser, also as in all final boards of each world. The board is a large, pink, blue, and orange triple layer cake, and players can navigate through the layers either by jumping down from taller heights or going up via the ladder icon on the bottom screen map. Additionally, this board has two Shy Guy Shops found on the bottom and middle layers of the cake. First introduced in World 3-2, Gold Bullet Bills blast from golden Bill Blasters, which are now arranged in several rows rather than a single line. The Bill Blasters are marked with numbers, and at the beginning of every turn, a roulette is displayed. When a number is stopped on, Bullet Bill Blasters marked with the number shoot out Gold Bullet Bills, which leave behind a coin trail until they hit a rock; the coin trail lasts for only one turn. Any player caught within shooting range of the Gold Bullet Bill gets chased until the Gold Bullet Bill hits a rock. If the roulette stops at "All", all Bill Blasters shoot at once.

First introduced in this board is the Cannon Space, found on the lowest cake layer on the right area of the board. When landed upon, players can use the cannon to transport to marked areas of the board, indicated by a colored crosshair. Players can choose to either get sent to the blue crosshair or the red crosshair.

Details of the board include an ice cream molded after a Foo alongside a Yoshi Cookie and cookies shaped like Peach's Crown and the Mario Cap, found on the lower left area of the board. In the far right portion of the board, an ice cream in the likeness of a Pokey can be seen and marshmallows in the shape of a Boo and Peepa lie on the bottom right portion of the board.

Level description[edit]

  • "Tons of sweet toppings and tasty coins. Yum!"