World 1-1 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 1-1
World 1-1 from Mario Party: Star Rush
World World 1
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
Boss 3
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World 1-1 is the first board of World 1 in Mario Party: Star Rush. Three small islands are connected by bridges, being the only method players can use to reach the other islands aside from using Warp Boxes. Players always start out on the bottom-most island. When ally characters start spawning, they can spawn on the middle of the bridge or on the islands. The coin layout changes on every playthrough, as well as objects on the board as any other board in Mario Party: Star Rush, aside from the grass on the left island, which spawns Goombas that can take coins unless Mario or Luigi leads the party to stomp them to earn coins. On the right side of the island, players can run in flower beds which have the potential to give players 5 coins if players are lucky enough to find them. There are a total of seven ? Block panels on the board. On the lower left area of the bottom island, an inner-tube with Yoshi's likeness can be seen, alongside a Yoshi Egg.

There are three boss fights in total for this board. Each boss spawns on a different island. The first boss battle is never on the bottom-most island, but subsequent boss battles can appear on the bottom island.

Level description[edit]

  • "Three islands connected by a bridge. Luxurious!"